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Samir ElKamouny

You've done so many awesome videos. If you could only choose one for your home and only need two cameras outside what would you get?

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The Argus Eco is a great camera, but in my testing I find the Eufy Cam E to be the best WiFi + Battery powered camera system currently available.
I currently have three of them and haven't had an issue since they were installed 3 months ago.

Giovanni Turco

Hi fantastic video again I am glad you did a video setting up Reolink Camera to Alexa did you ever tried to connect the Reolink Argus 2 Camera to Alexa because I am still having problems with my When I ask Alexa show me the front Door they it says waiting for Reolink then she says the Camera it’s responding I don’t no if it got something to do with the firmware this is my firmware Ver 5007_311_280_24 is yours the same can you let me know please I forgot to say they do work on my google assistant hub

can you see me

Great cams but i prefer cameras which do not rely on batteries!

S. J.

Thanks Hackster! Very informative review. I'm waiting and looking forward to the Wyze Battery/USB Powered Cam that is coming in the near future. It is in the testing phase now. My guess is it will be under $60. 😁

Hendrik Lwanga-Iga

isn't it possible to also review products from Hikvision? That would be interesting to see how the other IoT cameras and system stack up to the "number 1 security surveillance brand in the world".

Otherwise, great channel! really appreciate a real world perspective of these products.


Eufy cam wins again. The best wifi battery operated camera on the market


But do these compare to the Arlo Ultra camera?

sixosixo - Geoff

I like my Blink XT2 system for the money...

tal polano

Wrong label on eufy video clarity test 🙂

Swa Sho
Hey pare! Have you tried using a Wifi mesh system? I saw a few people suggest it in your comments in previous videos- i got Samsung Smarthings Wifi — i have to say it made a world of the difference. I have Ring doorbell, Nest cam, 4 yi homes, and 2 yi 360s. They all are buttery smooth now- ring and nest viewing on app lightning quick. No black screens. Virtually no change in my ISP, but it feels like it was upgraded.I did a speedtest on my iphone, and get up to 230Mbps down/15Mbs up in the same room straight… Read more »
Blake E
So what happens if you plug the Reolink solar panel into the Eufy camera? A solar option would make it even better. My Argus eco is in a fairly high traffic area, but the solar panel keeps it charged nicely so far. I imagine the Eufy would need charging every 2-3 months in the same spot. Eufy’s image quality is still really nice and held its own on that license plate test with an even wider field of view. Just a life hack idea, take the Reolink solar panel and plug it into a small usb battery pack and then… Read more »

Do you think the Ring cameras were comparable to these?

Guillermo Islas

Hey man! I noticed that in the night vision test there is a camera or something on the wall that looks like it’s spinning. What is it?

The Gentleman Raptor

Bought the Eufycam based on your previous review and so far have not been disappointed. Thank you!

Kevin Michael X

Love your videos but prefer when you spoke just a bit slower.


Hi lifehackster. I've recently been watching your videos. Thanks for the information, thumbs up!

Wondering if you could offer advice. After a solution with 5 NVR cameras inside and 2 PIR cameras outside (to reduce false movement alerts).

I'm thinking reolink indoors and ring cameras outside (connected via PoE) due to it being the only PIR camera I can see that offers continual recording when plugged in.

Do you have any recommendations, would I better with other cameras in that price point?

Thanks in advance!


What is your favorite wireless cameras in order? And why?


Where did u buy that Solar Panel for that camera?

David Chavarria
Great video as usual. I think another thing to consider is that the Argus Eco will continue to record during a power or WiFi outage because the SD card is stored in the camera. Please do correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that cameras that store video to an SD card in a base station, such as Eufy and Arlo---or even to the cloud, such as Ring and Logitech---will not capture footage during a power or WiFi outage. Of course, the con for an on-camera SD card is that the camera can be stolen and all the footage… Read more »
Kevin Pratt

Eufy Cam E or Ring Spotlight Cam battery? I have the Ring & want to add a couple more cameras but wasn’t sure if Eufy was any better?

Jonathan Palmore

Sir thank you for your great, detailed reviews! Please note the Eufy E also has a wireless Base feature. You can move the Base after you originally setup the base with an ethernet cable. Just wanted to share that info as the owner may have to move the base to get a better signal to each camera location. Best wishes.

We have a problem here in town,we have a one block area that produces one shooting a weak. The last one a mother was shot in her home and her son child called 911,I can't even imagine, I need your help choosing a couple cameras to place in strategic places to catch these shooters "AS REAL AS IT GETS". This is not my neighborhood but it is my community . I will purchase these cameras and a brave few will allow us to place them, with some added lighting. Please think this over and reply .

One more thing these shootings always happen at night.


Hey lifehacker, your videos are awesome and I appreciate what you do to help people decide on purchasing... But I am still undecided whether to invest in ring products like the stick up cam/spotlight cam... It’s a no brainer about the floodlight cam for my driveway... When will you have your view between the eufy-e vs stick up cam/spotlight? I am stuck between either three:/

Moto Z Play

Which is the best night vision camera you've ever tested?

Jane Lee

Hi ,I am Jane and working on a smart lock recently . Im interested on your channel content , and how can i contact you with some business requirement ? May i have your email address?


gotta give you lots of credit for making easy to make a choice and im def getting the eufy no doubt