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Justin Belmont

the most hype moment for me is when emet sees an ascian where we are when ardbert fuses with us

Royal. Blue

why ppl don't talk about Graha Tia and albert? >< ... they was there this Give sooo much to the story :/

Herb Reisig
I agree its a 10/10. So stinking good. Emet Selch was by far the highlight in all respects. Even the dismissive wave as he saunters away from conversations is just so perfect. I have only three details that I wish were different:1. Why did the Crystal Exarch pretend to want the Hero's Light for selfish reasons? It was purposeless subterfuge. Seemed like the only minor plot hole that could have easily been avoided.2. The Thancred/Minfilia stuff early on was a little bit creepy. I couldn't tell the line between him being a father figure and his clearly romantic love for… Read more »
Smitherz LeGrande

Amazing expansion. Could have held up to any stand alone game. Sooo good. Loved the final outcome.

One question, is the Warrior of Light/Darkness an Ascian? Not only do you see Emet’s viewpoint of the WoL but also he mentions “us” a lot in his final words.

Papas Fritas

Definitely lives up to some of the great FF titles.

Nick T

Y’shtola: Do not fail.

That moment nearly wrecked me.




Robert Sharp
And your essay feels as if my words were stolen and given voice by you.I cant Express how much this expansion touched me. How in playing and ending this experience I feel as a child who just beat final fantasy 6 for the first time. The love of video games, the range of emotions, the experience that this medium brings I have not felt in well over a decade maybe two. This experience rekindled that very same feeling that I had honestly thought i would never feel again. I feel indebted to the game creators, all of them for this… Read more »

I hope Natsuko Ishikawa stays as lead writer for the MSQ.

Junko Aran

Darn shame some Final Fantasy dismiss this gam for being an MMO. The genre might not be for you but compared to what we've gotten from the single player games in the last 10 years this is the most pure Final Fantasy game to date.

Not much I can say about the main story that hasn't already been said. It is by far the best MMORPG experience I've had. So I'll talk about a side quest that actually made me laugh. As you probably know FFXIV kind of gets ribbed for all of the nodding your character does. And in one of the side quests for the dwarves the quest giver comments on your neck muscles. Something like "Neck muscles like that could only come from decades of constant nodding." I found it so refreshing that SE is able to poke a little fun at… Read more »

I felt like Emet's last words could be interpreted various ways.

"Remember... that we once lived."
Could be to remember the people of Amaurot and their world. Could mean when directed at the WoL to remember that we all "lived" as whole beings not as divided souls. Really cool.


Joe Dempsie did a phenomenal job as Ardbert. I mean, I never wanted those scenes to end.

Mr. Arocena and Penny Play
Finally finished the MSQ so I can watch these videos without things getting spoiled! Great experience overall but I was a little dissappointed about the lack of loss of anyone truly important. Perhaps it's just setting up for something in a future MSQ patch. I mean Zenos is back and presumably took down Gaius (or Estinien saved him and Gauis is in a coma when next we see him)I really liked the conversation with that one Ascian who knew the truth (forget his name but it started with an H) and how it suggests the WoL/D is an important Ascian… Read more »

I spent the last three months on the MSQ from ARR onwards. I have done nothing in the game but MSQ. I just finished Shadowbreakers, after this ending I feel lost.

Celebrin Lunari

God. Damn. Masterpiece. I'm usually rather loquacious in my comments, but I think this suffices here.

Huongxeng Chang

Easily the best expansion! Best story so far that really explained many questions. Emet Selch is such a great villain to the story as well.

I love Shadowbringers expansion and it story for many reasons:— they hinted the story in trailer, but they didn't spoiled it— the first encounter of sin eater (the girl MSQ part) was already "omg" moment for me and hinted the story will be GOOD.— at first each zone seems to be somehow "meh, some RPG stuff", but finish story in each zone made me excited and intrigued (my fav is Ranka and aka Tomb Rider/Indiana Jones vibes and ofc Amaurot)— Thancred fight with Ran'jit <3— Ascians... the highlight of the expansion, I just loved their lore and fact we would… Read more »