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Chris Corley

I'd love to help expand GLASS (2019) up to 180 minutes of epic finale proportions. Needs more scenes. ☕🗽 _c.

Cds Dior

This movie was fucking epic!!!! Whoever the idiot critics are should be FIRED!

Cds Dior

Better than both Unbreakable and Split! Loved every second!!!

Alijah Findley

This movie. Holy shit this movie. I absolutely adored it, as well as the two before it. David is a character that really hits home to me in the sense that all he wants to do is help and protect people, no matter the cost. Seeing the ending broke my heart and I wished we could’ve gotten a couple of scenes mourning him. Very glad to have been the audience to this amazing trilogy.

Sheba Galia

hmmm...i didn't like how bruce willis died. He managed to break the water dam with "the powerful beast" strangling him but couldn't beat a single man drowning him in a pothole? He could have just slowly died in the dam overpowered by the beast which is much more convincing for me. Other than that, the rests are interesting...I super love SPLIT though which I think is pure genius!

Deepesh Stars

The crictics belongs to the sec ret society

Benjamin Mphisa

"what do we call you sir?"
"1st name Mr last name Glass"

Mark Engelberts

I saw this movie and it was so awesome 👏

Derek McCumber

I just can't fathom the hate for Glass. It was an excellent sequel to Unbreakable. Anyone who was expecting a straightforward, generic superhero movie clearly didn't have a clue what they were getting into.

10_scarymovies_lane ._.

I understand both sides of the spectrum.
I definitely understand why people hate it.
And I understand how people like it.
The dialogue is plenty of scenes was atrocious. The pov scenes were also overused to the point of unintentional comedy. The final twist was bad.
But, the acting was great threw all the main cast. I loved seeing Casey cooke again. The initial twist about the "bus" Connecting Kevin to unbreakable was also great.
But I loved how it used deleted scenes from unbreakable.

Seth B

This movie was Excellent! The “critics” are on crack. Great ending! Watch this movie!

Mr.504 La

Not good but the end is very good the end of the movie .The next one should bettter.I HOPE IT IS!


As much crap as M. Night got for The Happening, etc, I think these movies prove with the right actors, he can still make a really good product.

Arjun Singh

Glass 2 is the movie we dont deserve but needs right now.

Danny Tillotson

Total rubbish. Very disappointed in this. Stopped watching after 45 minutes and I very rarely do that.

bu nened

If you love watching people make stupid choices and pay for their stupid actions then this is for you. Wow. Characters here are so dumb fucked

sara star

افضل فلم شاهدته الى الآن لك كامل تقديري وأحترامي 👏👌👍❤

Lehrer mit Blog

Can we please vote Mr McAvoy best actor on the planet?! I am not sure if anyone actually appreciates the hard and profound work he has put into this role... and has succeeded on all accounts!

I'm a be groovin till the world stop movin

James McAvoy should have won awards for this movie he was spectacular all those different roles and different emotions it was absolutely amazing to watch I have never seen nothing like that... he is my new favorite actor


So disaponted this movie had great potential! Suckiest ending of all time. Its like they ran out of money half way through and just ended it by killing everyone. Vague fight scenes that didn't really end. Angered! I want my money back.

F dL

I don't mind the fact that James McAvoy is shirtless most of the time in the film.

Achmad K

Best movie. The ending explain everything. Mr Glass is not a villain (but a criminal. lol) or a hero. he just wants everyone to know that the super human is real.

Jacob Stegall

They fucked the story line up on what could have been a good movie I was sorely disappointed at this crap and what the fuck was up with that ending absolute trash


can you watch this if you haven't seen the other two beforehand?

saul martinez ramos

5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 I don't know why but I loved this fucking movie... Like someone said this is the avengers fir adults👍

Jaden - Summerbiker 2019

Mr Glass , Overseer , The Horde Imagine there's More then , like BRIGHT BURN!!!!!


It was an astronomical did — I can't believe how stupid it was — my wife fell asleep and I was out 5.99 on demand and 2hrs I could have been watching something better ' simply fuckin horrible

Brandon Westhafer

One of the beast personality patrisha sed step away from the light little Doug. Man I laughed.

Space Monkey

When you cant sit through the whole trailer you know its a bad movie.

c k

spoiler !!

i’m so sad that Kevin died, he was my favourite character and he should’ve lived bc his acting is amazing

The Man In The Box

Anyone else find this movie slow and underwhelming to say the least?

scotty kirk