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Thank you GoPro for letting this old, BMX flatland freestyler with life halting Scoliosis live vicariously thru other peoples lives. My wifes Aunt used to say "God gave you Scoliosis cause he knew you wouldnt stop at Bicycle tricks and this was His way to stop you from killing yourself doing stupid shit..." basically THIS "stupid shit" lol

Степашка Кутузов

только она так НЕ СНИМАЕТ,эти все видео обработаны

The Sedentary Nomad

Much of the video reminded me of my life before marriage lol

Nameo Lameo

Appreciate these amazing daredevils while we can. Because we will loose most of them by 2019


Shame on you boys. Don't you know you worry about your mother's sick?


all these guys using like 7 gopros each and im here with my 1 rip off gopro feelsbadman


Not a Mini jet boat in the whole sequence... sadface

Nathan R

Damn... White people really just out here living their best lives.


gopro an youtube, perfect combo for killing an maiming so-called athletes that cant handle it LMAOOOOOOOOo