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Alex Frankl

Sony for sure , my old one still going strong . You are right about lost go pro's , forums are full of " have you found a go pro ? "


surely the digital stabilisation is just software for the gopro, a update to the hero 5 would be nice, even if it cant match the 7, an improvement would be appreciated

Dadul Ludad

Can you share with us your video export and settings? bit rate etc? or any youtube uploading tips? i have a go pro that looks quite nice but when i upload clips to youtube it automatically goes to shit. i dont know if i can fix it in youtube somehow or whether i need to change my exporting settings in my editing software. your footage looks great. cheers

Enduro North Nz

7 has been the best ive had , the 5 sucked big time , i always had issues

Enduro Fools

What beta are you riding? Xtrainer? 😀

Michael Tucker

Remember to use the 60fps setting to help with video artifacts no matter which camera. Double the speed.


Hey mate would be awesome if you could try the DJI Osmo Action

Bradley Thomsen

The Sony footage looks more real IMO. I appreciate the unbiased content either way.


I found in cold (frosty conditions) the Sony would fog up and stay fogged for hours in the case and using it without where I ride is not an option. Neither of the two GoPros I have had did this. Some 'instant fogging on the Gopros when exposed to the air but would clear as soon as you start to ride.


If you shake a camera, you get a blurry image, digital stabilisation can't fix this.
Optical image stabilisation is far superior.

JoeJoe Moto

Love my GP7, but yeah, it has its issues for sure.

Alex Bruce

It's so satisfying watching the GoPro footage

Mud Brats ADV

Great honest review... 5:47 is exactly why I use the Sony over the GoPro... Everything else (better audio, smooth footage, better video colour and quality out of the box) is the added bonus


good review , I also find it a bit too floaty in hypersmooth , and yes mine also freeze up mostly when viewing video on the screen , soooo frustrating

David Potts

Great info. Thanks! I'm sure the video out of each camera in native format looks much better than youtube's overly compressed representation. 🙂


Look at those single trails! Your vids make me want to go ride every time I watch. So good.


I have a Sony AS200V which has optical IS but I never turn it on for enduro vids because it just makes everything too smooth and you don't "feel" the bumps as much watching it back. Other advantage is I can mount the Sony on the side of my helmet which just looks better and more streamlined. Plus the image quality is great.


Nice comparaison, but for folks, like me that cant spend that kund of money on a cam, the olympus tough tg tracker is quite good for $200.


In low light, the optical stabilization beats electronic one. Sony has less motion blur, which you can't recover with electronic stabilization. Otherwise there is not much a difference in between those two, I guess the new DJI Osmo action is the same level.

Dirt Bikes & Ice Hockey

is there a setting to change your Aussie accent? It would be nice to hear a different dialect when you speak...LOL just kidding. To be honest as a viewer i don't see huge differences between any of the shots. Just like everything else ,if you buy one the other will have features that you wish yours had. Even if your vids were shot in Charlie Chaplin 35mm silent black & white film I would still watch...but the jokes might not be as good

Matt Blyther

What do u use for mounts for the sony? I haven't found many at all. Are there any helmet,chest or handle bar mounts available?


I like the form factor of the gopro but im still using a 3+ so not really serious use like a youtuber would be.

john head

Just based on what I see from your footage, I prefer the Sony. Looks and sounds better. More real.


Thanks Barry, Ive actually been wondering if I should update my Sony X3000, but it would seem perhaps not. 👍
Ive also seen the new DJI action cam has arrived, it looks like a good feature set, but the high res and small unit size has me wondering if battery life might be an issue.
Also, trouble with the DJI GO4 app (which you might be remember) on my Mavis Pro drone also has me concerned about their software 🤔