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KeeFr Hikes

Very nice, Tony. The GoPro 7 Black is very impressive for hiking. Glad you grabbed one and got to take it for a spin. I hope you’re enjoying Spring 2019.

Duck Landes
Pretty impressive for in camera stabilization. I have an Olympus camera with stabilization that makes me feel drunk watching the stabilized video, so I never use that feature. I've never owned a GoPro, they're a bit out of my pay grade, but I have several action cams and a wearable gimbal which works great but is a bit cumbersome. With years of practice I've gotten pretty good at holding the monopod / selfie stick in such a way that it works as a balancing gimbal and I can get pretty smooth video without electronic stabilization. If I had $350 disposable… Read more »
TLG, the personal touch is hte sure Winner here. Hero 7 has a two layer effect you can notice it with the Flare. if i were to take the time I would have slowed the lip down and added the song in an kept to certain scenes . easy said than done. How do you like your H7B are you going to be interested i n the New DJI that comes out the action camera? Also the Elanzi vloggers case for the Promic. It hink gopro saw my last red cent Lol
Danny Fyffe

I have watched lots of tests from the 7 and the walking and running seem best. The hypersmooth works best in those scenarios. You can still see some shakiness in the higher up shots. So they still have work to do and I am hoping the 8 will get it closer to not needing a gimbal. That`s the one I'm holding out for. Good to see you out and about again.