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What camera do you use for your videos now?


Great review! Picked mine up yesterday off Amazon for $110 shipped American.

Temmie gaming and memes

Can you turn off fish eye or time stamp date

Michael Tazreiter

This action cam is really interesting! Do you know what's the difference to the v50 pro se?

Efrain Rojas Jr

Is it limited record in fat 32? I ask because I’d like to have a camera, that can record say a 2 hour session in one large file. I’ve had action cameras that record the two hour video in 8 separate files, though there are programs you can use to combine all the clips, annoying when you have several sessions that now you have to dedicate hours in combining them.

Simon Gilmore

When I use mine the sound is very muffled and poor quality. How can that be fixed?

Tall Titan

Mine from Amazon is a dud, can't record any video, freeze's after about 1 minute of video. Have to take battery out just get camera to respond. Re-flashed firmware, still same issues. Support is very slow on replacement camera, support staff appears to be China as email responses are 12 hours later. Shouldn't have to deal with this and just send it back to Amazon.

The Ohio Outdoors

I picked up the V50 Elite a couple months ago. I love it! It's a great camera!!!

NSC Modz

Cut it like it's hard cut it like it's hard yeah yeah OMFG

Mark Stapf

What do you think of this potential GoPro Killer? Lol, but seriously very impressed with this budget action camera!

Stevcho Sidorovski

Can this camera record be as a dash cam and be charged in the same time tho?

Not Leaving Las Vegas - a Vegas Video Channel

Thanks for the review but I think you need to take a look at how Canadian versus u.s. exchange rates work LOL dot-dot-dot this comes from a Canadian Living in the United States


Had this for about 6 months. Camera is OK but the app that's supposed to connect to your phones WiFi is appalling. Hit and miss connection makes for a very frustrating user experience. Shame this video doesn't cover this.


hi ,nice job man...what do you think about video quality between akaso v50 pro and yi 4k? i want using for tennis

john doe

Got mine a few weeks ago and love it,4k plus a touch screen and you can fit an external mic plus you get every extra you need ie loads of external extras so you can stick it on your car ,your head and use it underwater with the enclosed case. no one comes near for the price and quality.