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Petres Arpad

Hey guys, you should build the Hulkbuster Armor.

sri sri inventions

Iam trying since 1 year to buy a battery drill machine

baophan 2006

Wowwww! I don't know it is iron man or attack on titan 3dmg ? Hmm. If have a rope ??

Gavin Marion

It reminds me of the jump kit from titan fall


Now we see here that man 1st tried self jet flight in 2019 such primitive technology to today’s technology these are the equivalent of the right brothers
Makes me feel glad I am alive in 3019

The Sun Is Gone

He should try pointing the jets backwards and put his feet on a wall

xXAlsharif GamingXx

This would be helpful in raiding area 51 •~•

(It's just a joke.Dont take it seriously T^T.)


This looks like a Vertical Maneuvering Equipment from attack on titan (those small jetpacks in the anime)

Warren101 Delender1100

7:35 “my favorite part of the pixel 3a is that it has a headphone jack” We are now in a society where headphone jacks are not always easy included in a phone and are a Luxury, wow.


If you point jet engines toward the wall could you wall run/walk

Nathan Kulovany

2 more on your back or on big one on you’re back


Now just buy 2 more and put one more on each side and you’ll be able to fly.

No No

Literally two more engine's and you make a jetpack

piano guy

This is the guy that will be the real iornman