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My in-laws have a 2018 Outlander Sport. They love it. I have driven it several times on longer trips and find it quiet and comfortable. I am actually thinking about the manual version for my next car. Mitsubishi gets a lot of heat from professional reviewers because their models aren't the newest and have switched to primarily an all SUV lineup (minus the Mirage/Mirage G4). But Mitsubishi has been using versions of these engines for years and are reliable.

Valve Timing

It’s affordable Dave that’s all that matters

Joes Golden Garage

You get more mitsubishi press cars than anyone I have ever seen on YouTube. Lol. I still like the looks of these tho,long in the tooth

Charles Bourret

I have a 2015 I bought as a commuting car. I like that fact that you can turn off the AWD when you don't need it and go front wheel drive. It does terrific in the snow up here in NH, gets about 28-30 mpg. It's been a great little car!

Aaron Speciale

Why call a car a sport edition when it is not a sport? You would think a company having trouble selling cars would come out with a car more dynamic or segment changing, obviously not.

Maticalise Music Master

These Auto makers just throw the word sport around with no actual sportiness

Tomi Wijaya

It's called ASX in Australia and it's classified as small SUV with 2ltr engine. Outlander is the bigger brother, not much bigger though

Ray A

I have a Mitsubishi Outlander GT and I can tell people from owning my Outlander for over a year that it's the best vehicle I have owned to date. I have taken mine off road multiple times at Joshua Tree, rocky mountain path, and much more. Plus long 8 hour road trips all over and this vehicle starts up like it was nothing. The new refined seats are really comfortable with more soft touch. I highly recommend anyone to buy a Mitsubishi because they will last a very long time and have a excellent warranty to match.

Jeff Morse

I'm glad they didn't jump on the bandwagon of so many other makes using fake shift points on the CVT. It doesn't shift — I don't need fake shifts to make me feel better about it.

Everyman Driver

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Alejandro Moya Cardellá

The best thing Mitsubishi has going for them is reliability. I have owned two and I currently own a 2013 lancer gt with over 100k miles and I have never had to fix anything at all in the car. Only maintenance

Hippie Bits

Mitsubishi should really invest a little more in their interiors. This interior trim level should be called "Depression". Being an inexpensive vehicle really isn't a valid excuse and Kia/Hyundai have proven this.

Harri T

Not comfortable,dumb cvt and suspension,badly built and outdated interior.But cheap and reliable and also weirdly charming


A ralliart trim level would be nice, 2.0L tubo, the one that was in the lancer or the 3.0 v6 that is in the bigger outlander with a torque converted automatic.

Jose Rivas

The top trim has paddles to shift, woofer and panoramic roof. That one is not the “top trim”.


Which is better...subaru forester or mitsubhishi outlander 2019?

Chummy Chime

i want the regular outlander but it needs a wider body.