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For about the same price range I think the Xiaomi Mijia Seabird 4K/30fps Sport Camera is a better choice IMO.

The Android Dude

Can I use Firefly 8se or Sj8 Pro for taking family trip images and family vlogs


Hi there which is better sjcam s8 plus vs akaso v5 pro

The Sounds of Solitude

does this come with two batteries? If not do you know what batteries it takes and where to buy them? This sensor seems better than the ones in the Akaso V50 range.

Scarboro Sasquatch Station

Tech4All : Hello Michael ! The Apeman Trawo A100 action camera does it have any zoom capabilities built into the camera , without the use of the phone app ? Thanks Scarboro / Tom

Сергій Ляшенко

Great description! Thank you but I won't buy this camera. The dynamic range is terrible, and I don't think it is a real 4K video, and I even don't think anybody needs 4K video for this money. It would be absolutely enough FullHD for this price if it would be good quality.
I need a camera that shoots better than my old Xiaomi Mi 6, because it's quality of video in FullHD resolution is not good enough for me, so I must shoot in 4K and convert in FullHD after and it is not convenient.

Popovi Brakja

Akaso v50 pro vs Akaso v50 elite vs Xiaomi seabird vs yi 4k? Which one should i get


Which would you prefer out of the two: this one or xiaomi seabird ?
Or Which you think its better

Jenszaki Cortez

Dude. you actually shoots at my home town 😂 I'm impressed. New subs great review 😊

benethicc cumberswag

Hiya!! I'm looking for an action camera which would be good for horse riding...stabilisation is my biggest priority and fps...my budget is around £100, but they all look the same!! Thanks.

Ricardo Filho

Please do a review of P3 PLUS ECG+PPG and some comparation with miband 3 or honor 4