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Never going to make everyone happy Joe. Anybody bitching about a game not getting a review should get off their ass and do a review themselves.

Rahul Mystery

the first rapid fire i am really enjoying ... Very entertaining Del ...

Shadow Weaver
Well I can't talk for del but he is doing his best to help out joe and honestly I think if there was a triple a game worth playing that joe knew del wanted to review I'm sure he would bring him in on it or let him do it but honestly I think joe and joe do a much better job acting I haven't seen del act so I couldn't say he enjoys gameing and statting his opinion so leave it at that don't listen to the hate I appreciate your reviews and honestly most our spot on but… Read more »

Cant believe this CRAP was published by Square Enix, jesus enix christ!!!!!!!

Some Guy

I miss my imagination
It was the best
It was mine

Yaihr Herrera

Hey del and joe, what do you think about about re-reviewing older games that the devs have been keeping up with such as adding new big updates or dlcs


I just want to play Front Mission 5! (Uncontrollable sobbing)

Ultimate Hedgehog

The box art reminds me of the Metal Gear Solid Art Style used for the comics and Metal Gear art style

Yin-Phin Lim

I know this sounds bad but I kinda like Delrith's reviews better than Joe's ones. I'm still figuring out why I like Delrith's reviews more, naturally, despite Joe and the other Joe can be seen to have more effort invested in making Angry Reviews.


Looks like poor man's version of Metal Gear Solid LOL

Leah Cardinal

Not hating and I understand you can't review everything but change the title to del reviews or something


Well after square enix launched the mobile game star ocean anamnesis i gave up on them


Square Enix is a big ol shit heap these days.


JOE!! Pleaaase do a video on how rockstar downgraded red dead redemption 2 graphics in the latest patch. Its a kick in the balls to all of us players!! The diffrence is crazy! Just look up rdr 2 graphics downgrade on youtube. They have to run it back and we have to spread the word!


I know these rapid fires are getting better and i dont mean to start a war but i do miss Joe telling me what's happening.


I was actually legit pissed at how shitty this game turned out to be — you had AMAZING talents on board for this project and THIS is what you came up with???
What the hell happened during development?How did they ALLOW this shallow,ugly game to be released???

Jacob Pacheco
alright i think im done honestly, this comment inst dirrected at deril but i didnt know where else to comment, joe, your chanel is nothing of what it used to be, all you put out is boring movie reviews that people will just skip to the end to see what you review it as, and rapid fire reviews which (no offense to deril, this isnt your fault) no one cares about. thats the truth. i think i speak for everyone when i say we watch you mainly for the FULL angry reviews, and you hardly put any of those out… Read more »

Could the next rapid fire review be over Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise? I would love to hear what your opinions the games is. I feel like it’s a very under rated games is just so much fun to play. Just wish this game could get shown some love.

Average Carpentry Skills

The only thing I like about this reboot is the Metal Gear art style when it comes to characters.


Well done Del, I enjoyed the RFR! This game looked trashy just from the ads/gameplay alone, so I had no true intentions of purchasing it. I hope you can push a review out for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice if Joe happens to not review it! 🙂 Thanks for all the hard work man! Keep it up!

Phoenix Down

Oh my God, what the he- look at all those World of Tanks posters! Jesus!