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angel vargas

One and a half seconds in and he already said bro twice... Lol. Luv da vids thou.

Mxrider2stroke Braaap

Those collors😍 Sweet video✌️

Nathan Rozendal

is it me or is the footage still a bit blurry?

Pierce Croft 23

Moto broo come to the uk as I live there

Storm Raider500

Bro where abouts the huge ride at in england to Italy

Evan Kneeland

https://www.gofundme.com/help-get-my-friend-a-new-bike hello everyone my freinds dirtbike got stolen trying to fund him a new one


HUGE upgrade bro everything is more alive💪💪

DriveOma _

Do u thought about a BL Italia tank with rmz shrouds for the drz ?

wyatt rive

Do a go pro set up video? Mb gang 🤙🏽

Rolando Mota

Hate the fact that i got my Drz400sm all late after you left. LA ain’t the same without motobroo.

Faze_Leonard miranda

Hey moto Brook I rlly wanna buy a super moto but I can't find one plz help

Noe-_- M.

We fcking MISSED you!!!!!!!!!
Great update, different quality! PEACE.

Maki TV

60fps video quality bro. it's much nicer👍👍

Emilien P

A huge difference quality but I found the color less hot, less sparkling :/

The Diggmoto

The new set up is sweet man, the mic adapter is a pain though I didn't know where to put it 😂 your sound and picture quality is spot on 👍

Andy Everett

Can you do a date schedule for your tour with when and where your gonna be,especially uk cheers


OK setup. Best would be to get 'Sony FDR X3000' and 'Sony Helmet Side Mount for Action Camera #VCT-HSM1'. It makes the camera flush with the Helmet and it's not sticking out that much. Plus, it's less expensive camera and better stabilization. GoPro is overrated like iPhones.


Just got my setup on lock too 🔥 nice vid man 🤙🏼


Damn I started watching motobroo a moth before he moved to L. A... THAT'S CRAZY

Mr. Sentra_SR

Still can't believe you in my back yard Venice baby MB gang 🤘🏼

SergCount 99

Holy sh*t bro, the sound si so fcking amazing