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Joey Castellon

You guys have epic production quality and editing skills. Your reviews fire me up. New subscriber. I can already see you guys reaching millions more. I am officially a fan.


i came here because of the word 'crazy' in the title

We Drone Alone

We want to see how good the footage from the Osmo Action is at 2:00
We bet it’s Amazing. Great work you two! 🖖🏼

Nick Elliot

Your videos are always worth waiting for. Thanks for not just being anither B-Roll youtubers with no real content. Albeit your B — Roll is awesome 😎


oooo wow what a action camera i love it dji u beauty ❤️


Great review. Glad to see DJI finally released an action cam to compete; I’ve been waiting for this for a while now 👍


I didn’t know you guys got a channel in Spanish... que bueno me alegro mucho ... I ordered it already ...thank you for the both channels...Bendiciones ...

Tom Stubblefield

It looks like TexasKayakFisherman.com will be looking at this camera very closely!
Thanks for the review.

Al Spaeth

4K and 4K HDR would be better using H.265 100mbit instead of H.264. Smaller files and better quality. GoPro uses H.265 why didn't DJI?

Drone Loops

great video guys...very slick production quality

Neer Lohani

Please compare sony x3000 vs DJI cosmo action


Is there a kind of protune setting and can you adjust sharpness and contrast? I find the image has too much of both

Jorkki !

I a good Action Camera has been a dream for years...
I Just cannot affort one

Edward Jackson

Awesome video and the camera is the best yet.

Tanisha Hudson RoyallyRooted 4C

Just purchased mine!! Can’t wait!!

Caza Y Pesca

How can dji compete with GoPro copying all the entire camera?
That's nuts

Hongos para todes

Awesome review! I Want to win the camera🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋

Adnan Bubalo

Thanks dude ! Please let us see how new osmo action works with gopro karma and others gimbal if you have some? Thank you !

Sergio Corral

Saludos desde Sabadell,

¿Por favor, podrías resolverme una duda, la cámara DJI OSMO ACTION tiene algún tipo de protección que proteja los impactos de bb's de airsoft? ¿Se tiene que adquirir una protección a parte?

¡Gracias de antemano!

Ammgad Hussein

How does one sighn up for the giveaway?

First Last

What could be more moronic than recording review of DJI OSMO on Sony's camera while 90% of time of review keeping OSMO itself in the hands in off state.

Michael Heliker

did you ever post a link for giveaway?