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Matthew Pautzke

I'll still take the GoPro. GPS is better for me than a second screen. Dynamic range is better on the GoPro as well. Maybe the next iteration will win me over.

Toni Jie

Go pro is the best... trust me☺️👍👍👍

hard truth around

Well...no lets go to serious facts...like comparing colour saturation and image stabilization and sharpness... the last point i couldnt tell by this review...the first two...in my opinion ...the osmo burried the gopro

Phil95 Kiff

I actually use a gopro session 5 for filming windsurfing footage.
There is one big problem with the camera. It's the level of
intensity of the beeps that inform you that the camera is on or off.
I only film the important moments to save the batterie and the
sd memorie card. In high Winds it's very difficult to hear these
beeps. Wich beeps are the loudest ? DJI's beeps or Gopro's
beeps? Your answer could make me choose one or the over.

HamroNepalMa हाम्रो नेपालमा
HamroNepalMa हाम्रो नेपालमा

which the best camera bro?

rajendra kumar

video is shot on which camera. its cool.

Aakaas kshettri

hey bro will you just tell me... which camera did u use to shoot this video... either dslr or phone... please tell me the model of either one...
and is the video edited or non edited?

Justin Brenn

The GoPro looks better. Stability and picture

Jairo A Castrillon

Great comparison......have question may you name the brand and model of your sunglasses i like them thanks for.the info...🏝🏖

DeeJu TV

I think dji excelled only in drones they are still far to action cam like go pro😂😂😂

Alex Stoyanovich

For some time in my life I used to sell the GoPro 5, literally every fourth or fifth was faulty and buggy... I will buy this Dji Osmo as soon as it gets to my reseller, I trust the brand much more and it seems to me that they really put in a lot of effort into their products and firmwares.


Great comparison! What about filesize differences between the gopro and osmo action? I have the Gopro Session 5 and Hero 6 and the file size is always huge compared to the same video length from my iphone/andriod or canon cameras.

Peter North

1:52 what on earth is going on with the colour difference in those flowers? was this an auto white balance incident? or are the colours just this different in the two cameras?.. it's even more pronounced once the LUT is added


not interested in gopro or dji...
I'm interested in the camera u used for your video shoot 🤔


Its a action cam and you dont show action points...

Yogendra Ram Meena

Can u suggest me which one to buy?

Backpacks And Cameras

this camera is great, the rock steady works brilliant and the low light looks very good.  excited to trial this.

Enzo T

Now I'm really confused! All I want is a action camera to record while I'm road Cycling on a pedal bike. I ride hundreds of miles in all kinds of conditions. 🙄


Gopro still looks better. DJI video is darker and with post production it's always easier to darken than lighten.

K Jensen

Is the DJI waterproof like the go pro, without a case (10m)? Pretty significant selling point if you ask me.

Eraser Chen

Thx for your comparison , that's a lot of informations about these two camera. I wonder know one thing that is Action has two mics , one is on the top and another is beside. But GoPro 7 only has one mic on the top??


Why tf would they release a camera that has no advantages to the hero7? Converts are surefire because they already know and use action cams. Pretty huge market share to miss out on.

Don Martin

You have your side-by-side shot camera names swapped. The DJI Osmo Actioncam is the one I am seeing on the RIGHT viewing side of my screen but you have it labelled as the Gopro. I figured this out due to the fact that your handlebar has the Osmo on the right side as it faces away from you. PLUS, the colour on the Osmo, in my view, is a bit lighter, especially when you look at someone's face.

Geovanni Gutierrez

So Chinese Technology particularly Drone and Action Camera overtakes now American Technology? How about the quality... I dont usually prefer chinese brands because of a quality issues... Is it worth the risk to buy this one interms of quality? Because before I always ended up disappointed with chinese brands as they can only be used in 1-2 years...

Geovanni Gutierrez

How about the Water proof feature?

Creative Visuals

What if you put a mirror on the front of the hero 7? Does that make it fair?!?

Garry Gadget

I like the Dji but dont see a reason to replace my hero 7 Black yet — plus I have extra batteries, remote etc for my Gopro and to be honest I have never ever not been in shot when vlogging even without a front facing screen?


i just want to say, gopro has batter colour grading than dji osmo

Big Red

As soon as he mentioned that the go pro does hyperlapse recording and the osmo does not, I decided I won't buy the osmo.

This feature is very important to me, for sundown and sunrises and for going on long bike rides and walks ect...


timing is important...This product is good but later than 7 more months... (Sept 2018 vs My 2019)...

Techno Panda

This looks like a dream vlogging camera!

Brian Michael

I see this as the death of go pro... go pro has made amazing action cams... they revolutionized the market... DJI should buy the GoPro company

Crushh You

What camera do you shoot in? for youtube video.