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Michael Tran

So this or the DJI Osmo pocket? Price difference is pretty substantial.


thx for the great review sweetie !, but seriously 700$ !!!, are you F#CKING KIDDING ME !!......OMG !, No Way José..........damn !, greetings from Copenhagen / Denmark.

alireza sharifi

این دوربین واقعا یه اولتراکاپکت فوق حرفه ایه !
خبر این دوربین و اطلاعت فنی اون رو میتونید به زبان فارسی در لینک زیر بخونید


I normally watch my videos in 1440p on my Surface Pro which looks awesome. Something else: when are you coming onto Floatplane? I know those guys cannot have many hosts suddenly but have you requested?? I am looking forward to that!!

svs channel

justine your face 26 but hands 45 years old...

Brad Askew

Hey Justine, I think you can just press the shutter button halfway (you might be able to feel different half and full press) and it will focus focus. So every time you want your focus to change just press the shutter halfway 🙂

muslimin karben

I see on your left hand. Is that veins?

Andrew Ward

Matty was thinking. "WHAT HAVE I LET MYSELF IN FOR" LOL!

Alain Meakings

I usually watch in 1080 P since I watch most of the videos on my phone if I am not home since watching 4K tends to drain more of my cellphone battery.

Tom Whild

The footage from that little camera looks incredible!

The Traveller

I need auto focus continues. Hope there will be software updating for this issue

Ammar Haikal

im watching on a 720p screen so whatever.

Tarryn Aitken

So sony could have put a mic input on the rx100 all those years ago but want you to purchase this so that you buy their more experience mirrorless cameras if you only own a compact camera. Very sneaky.


What mic did you use? In body or an external mic? Which mic if so?

Carlos EDC

Really cool camera but for the money I think am buying the canon m50 as a starting YouTuber

Drew Florio

I'd actually rather watch your reviews because of how beautiful they look in 4k, with all the colors and clarity. It really is a great job all around.

Shivu MG

Is it work hidden camera type workking am TV reporter so sting operation vedious caughts so plz guide me???

Shivu MG

Is it work hidden camera type workking am TV reporter so sting operation vedious caughts so plz guide me???

gorav karir



mmm, interesting camera, and a great review!! some other camera reviewers talk for 10min and show 30sec of footage, but you showed LOTS of footage from the camera. well done.

kenji mizoguchi
Awesome review! The best! . By the way, everyone mentions about lack of AF-C, but could u share/review how the two Fixed Focus modes work? I noticed the two settings on the spec sheet online but no vlog reviewers reviewed of this mode in detail and how they actually look in various conditions. How does everything in focus 1meter or closer mode and 1m to infinite focus mode work and look in real footage results? Does it become something like GoPro pan focus? If this were the case I careless about AF-C for my usage.
Rami Tayyem

Is good camera... from where I can buy this ?


I’d watch in 4k but iPad app doesn’t let you watch in 1440p anymore ‘- (
I always watch in 4k on my computer though.

νικος γιώργος

So, how many seconds before catastrophic heat up?

Mega Man

I watch 1080p because of my internett and pc.


The caption described Jenna as [Woman off-screen] XDD