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Rocksteady mode... awesome. I think GoPro will have to come up with the "Bebop Mode" I know it's a bad joke, but had to get it out of my system...


Does the Osmo Action have same FOV as GoPro Superview?

karimpo boujie

hello...then which is better DJI osmo action cam or GOPRO hero 7 black ?

Keoagile Mogomotsi Dinake

I've been using a GoPro to record a POV video of my parkour runs

Konrad Roberts

Nice Review with useful info but for my purposes, I need the time in seconds displayed onscreen, hh:mm:ss, will it do please or is it just hh:mm.
GoPro doesn't but SJCAM, Activeon and Drift all do and that's what I currently use.

S. Strauss

Good review! However, if you are going to be reviewing products on a bicycle or skateboard, you should be wearing a helmet. Set the example.


Forgot to mention the near absence of barrel distortion?


...so is the lag on the front facing (and actually viewable during self recording) screen the same as the back? I'd imagine that would be the dizzying one, but only had b-roll of the back

Azim Petra

Sony Rx is the small point and shoot.
Osmo is all rounder
GoPro is GoPro.

Forward With Forli

I operate a small YouTube channel where I profile what it’s like living and traveling with a guide dog.

I use a goPro to capture the world from my guide dogs perspective.

Currently I am in the market for an updated camera, and I am doing my research. Thanks for your info, and if you are interested feel free to stop by my channel and have a look at my content. My channel is called Forward With Forlì.

Vince McK

more tech invented by the US now enriching non-US companies.

andrew kim

how does this compare to say a top of the line cell phone camera?


So I don't drop and damage my smart phone while taking home videos of my family playing in the park.


That lag though... It feels like a deal breaker.

preston gervais

I definitely don't want my ND falling off.

l P

我喜欢主播的样子I like the look of the anchor.


The Osmo appears to have less fish eye effect—that’s a big plus.

Maarten Blij

If you want a very small camera, but don't do sports stuff, you should consider the Osmo Pocket.

Rajat S

Great video! Thank you. The comparisons were very useful. 🙂

Also, I was reminded me of Neil Patrick Harris. But maybe that's just me.


Verge Sensationalist: "GoPro should be worried"

GoPro: "We're not worried"


I have a go pro as a makeshift dash cam. I didn't feel comfortable with the wiring involved for traditional dash cams to draw power from the battery so it can record when the car is off so I just got a go pro hooked up to 50,000mah battery pack which is hooked up to my 12v power outlet so pretty much continuous recording 24/7


Video seems to look worse than the Hero 7.

The Verge

What are you using action cameras for? Also, GoPro or DJI?

Devin Miller

Great review, thank you. DJI is a terrible company for customer service, horrible, actually the worst company I have ever dealt with (three DJI products owned).


it makes it really useful if you want to install a core i7 hexacore cpu, Yeah we got one and its an 8th cheneration schip

La Tei

Don't worry. GoPro has called Trump to ban DJI.


This paired with a GravGrip Stabilizer would be perfect!