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you know, dji mavic pro 2 has a 1" sensor. Ahhhh, come on DJI, give us a 1" osmo pocket or action. we believe in you. we will dump gopro in the trash.

Esat Mahmut GÜRÜN

Vlog çekimleri için osmo action ile osmo pocket karşılaştırsanız hangisini seçerdiniz?

Scott Southwell

Can we get a real world comparison. Walking around, mounted to a bike/car, maybe whilst riding your Boosted board? Standing still shaking cameras is not much of a test.

James Sunderland

The SONY is way older.
The SONY is splash proof and comes with the waterproof housing in its box. Wouldn't you prefer the Osmo with better sound but a housing for waterproof? Makes more sense.


Very good video. I loved it.its really rock solid. What if you go fast with bike through the woods?


Je pense que la stabilisation de l'osmo action est bien mais sachant que c'est justement pour de l'action, je ne pourrais me donner un avis que sur quelque chose comme du VTT cross. L'imagine qui ne bouge peut je pense enlever la notion d'action justement


I got one DJI last week and for some reason started flying. I guess has the same technology that the drone has it... just different cage


OMG. Not only did you response to this concern, but your way of reviewing things is absolutely amazing. Talking about real influencer with a lot of receipts. Thank you for this.

Enes Eren

Reis Türkiye kanalındada çek böyle şeyler

Basit Ali

Still not available in Finland 😬🤦🏻‍♂️

John LaMore

If only dji wasn't full of crapple related bugs like all their drones. I'll stick with my 7. Never had anything remote to the shaking in this video and if you make things too smooth you've taken the "action" out of the shot.


Nice video my friend ! Flysofishing Subscribe

Yuvan-Théo Dumas

when he shook it was like WHAT THE HELL

Matyas Rigo

Turn on the GPS on the gopro so the stabilizer to work and stop making fake reviews........

Down to Ride MTB

Wow that is crazy. I had the same thought during your initial video. Man was I wrong.


Você deveria balançar apenas o suporte, assim todas as câmeras teriam o mesmo impacto, da forma que foi feito, as câmeras da lateral sofre efeitos diferentes da câmera que está no meio. Parabéns

sey 30 Spyderco


dji 👎👎👎👎👎👎💩💩💩💩💀💀💀💀and gopro 👎👎👎👎👎💩💩💩💀💀💀💀


Fuck i thought the 7 Black was smooth... But what is that...

Claudio Volber

No primeiro vídeo ele favoreceu a câmera do meio balançando mais as pontas, no segundo vídeo ele balançou as três do mesmo jeito pra favorecer a Osmo, que todo mundo sabe estabiliza movimentos maiores porque corta o dobro da imagem que a GoPro corta.


I read that comment also and knowing how extreme you are on attention to details, I knew this video was coming. Good job 🙂