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Erini S.

Omg rlly hope to win, I never win anything!!! Thank u for this giveaway.!!!!

Renzo Cantuba

I hope i win Mr.Taylor 😍 from the philippines

Karolina Lym

I wish I could win a 2nd shooting chance with you! That would it be the ultimate giveaway 😉

deepak bhandari

I need your help... with in your GoPro...

Sigay Ayuban

Thanks for the giveaway☺ God bless🙂

Zibi Kedziora

Amazing. Thank you Taylor for doing what you do.


Mr Taylor, why do you cover up the Nikon logo on your camera

Natasha Herbert

This is really nice of you! Thanks for the giveaway!

Marissa Ekxel Olivera

Thanks for thinking about your subscribers you Music God!! Lmao

Sanaa The Great

Thanks for the opportunity pizza king.

Jesse Pedyfoot

I hope I win. This would be a great tool to jump start my hybrid shooting

Mike Harol

WOW that weather. Insane. I hope everyone's gear was okay. Looked like the DJ running with an audio mixer or something? Big OOF!

Kue Vue

Awesome! Thank you for being so kind for this giveaway. Good luck to everyone!

Tika Anderson

My husband and I are going to Costa Rica for my birthday and this would be freaking sweet!

Noealz Photo

Thx for the music recommendations, music is the hardest part of video i think

Mary Grace

I hope i win. :>> 1st or 2nd prize its ok...

Kolly Jhon Gomez

Thanks man for the giveaways. Cheers

Meliyah Gayton

Thank you so much for this!!! Have a great day♥️♥️

Insan Official

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim semoga menang Hay Im for Indonesia Iam don't speak English

Ann Kieswetter

Love your work! Thanks for the chance!

Mirosław Ślubecki

A great camera. I would like to win it.

Miles Wardle

Hi Taylor I just entered the GoPro giveaway my name is Miles and I’m 12 years old and I live in Australia. I have always wanted a GoPro and I would be very grateful if I win.

WANDERER Autoreview

Subscribe and follow to win the GoPro ...

Hoang vu Luong

Im from VietNam. Thanks you somuch 👌👌


That mug tho! I love it 👌- pre grats to the winner