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Funny, I’ve always wanted one of these when I was little

we lucky few

Hey witch one of you got it and gg mate

Do you sell stuff hacksmith?

Ethan Ng

I share this vid and watch it a million times

Plattenbaukind Justin

Create Artificial intelligence like Jarvis

murugesan .S

Bumper king zapper🏎️🏎️🏎️🏎️

Tony Stark

Thanks for the link I wanted to watch the movie


I knew about this channel recently, and I love it. I’m now studying engineering and got more excited because of this channel, but I want to suggest my idea, if you know the duel disk from Yu-Gi-Oh I hope that if you can make one of these ( duel disks) especially the GX one, it looks really complicated, and I hope you can make it real. Thank you 😊

Mitchell Alpaugh

wicked stuff! Best of luck with the new facility


Hey Hacksmith, I'm a huge fan of yours, I have been for a while, since the exoskeleton days. But I'm an even bigger Spiderman fan, and I was wondering if you could build something spiderman related, in celebration that we didn't lose spidey in the mcu today.

I was thinking something like batman's grappling gun, but miniaturized hooks on the wrists, and a harness to distribute the weight properly so your arms don't break, and an ascension device to pull you up.

Kateryna Churyumova

Not to be rude but is it just me or Ben has a monobrow?

Drenzkhallil Badulis

This is my address


GAC Minette

James can you please make Escanor's Divine Axe Rhitta from the Netflix show The Seven Deadly Sins.

UbestttHD gaming

I think anybody going to RAID hacksmith place the going to have a bad time

Cap shield
Hulk fist
Light saber

Nathan The Money Man

You guys should make Thanos’s sword.

spider boi studio

Wow so cool I remember seeing the first men in black as a kid

Daibhi Griffin

You should make the Tron bike or the rabbits invasion plunder gun


I think the hacksmith should make a gravity gun using big magnets

Luka Koops

Ive been a supporter for a long time and i love all your videos! also i make stuff from movies into real life to!


Make a real life shovel launcher from far cry 5


assuming here in Philippines you can give me that 😍.
please please

Zilla SW

Hey hey hacksmith I got a real challenge for you, I bet you can’t do it ready

I dare you to make...............Mechagodzilla

Falk Ehrt

Sorry Guys i am the one that gone win this😂

Michael M

Pointless reboot of MIB... meant to be the same organisation, are all the reboots or childhood films going to be staring or co staring Chris Hemsworth now?