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Chris B

I bought this off amazon and it arrived on time and I noticed I got three of these cameras. I only bought one and I got three. I checked my bank to see how much I paid and it only took the amount of one 😀 I am so happy

Mircea Ocolisan

lol bad for vlogs ? isn't that for say home moms ?? just saying ::))

Usama Aftab

your review is really good. I am impressed...


Come a long way, a nice Job,  so tell me how you got 90 hours of... (joking) CUbe + is on Pre-order at Polaroid.com  Cost $200.00 less than the Gopro Session?   Polaroid must have been listening, and I am sure they have improved apone the basic model...  I already own a gopro, and will be getting my Cube +, because of the videos out there of  one's Liked did a fantastic job.   Anyone can go out and capture, it is how they present it.   Time.  FISH

Yassine IJassin

You should have waited because about just two weeks the polaroid cube + will come out

Kevin Breeze

What do you think of the Polaroid Cube? Could you see yourself purchasing this?

Jadro Borges

So... where's the link to the comparison video?

Avenged Sevenfold FoREVer

Who vlogs with a go pro though? :/