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You should do a review on the Samsung galaxy A50

Scarboro Sasquatch Station

Sorry all Action Cameras sold in 2019 should have mandatory Electronic Image Stabilisation [ E.I.S.] and/or Optical Image Stabilisation [ O.I.S. ] !!! Thanks Scarboro

ABS Originals

After Sj8 Pro Freezing...
Now this one with similar issues 😐

Andrew Madell

Just wondering what device you use for shooting your YouTube video Chigz?.


SJCAM has proved to be crap. This is just the same old sj4000 been pimped up wid new front panel, reduced with boxed accessories and charged more!

Sumit Ram

Good... Not great. BTW Awesome review as always!!! 👌

robert white

Good review. Not to great on only 100 mins battery power.

patrick cadette

For the price it is not that bad... agree picture quality is alot better than it should be.lol..sad for those cons...but I guess they need to make some shorts cuts to bring down the price...😁😁😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻...one has to wonder what the secret when it comes to the chips set used...