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Brett Ekelmann

what advanced settings are you using for the video? what is FOV, WDR, Bitrate, and GYRO set to?

Rishabh Bhardwaj

does this camera supports external microphone ?

I was wondering why the price is so high for this camera and then I saw this review and realised that this is an excellent action camera with great built-in features! One thing which I found disappointing, besides the night time videos, is the sharpness when the subject is far away. I mean by watching the footage, I can see that in the video, the front are sharp and with details but the back lack details (not background), as you move on with the camera, the details slowly appear. If we watch the street @11:02 we can clearly see the… Read more »
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nice review... im also have it.its a good camera and does a really good job.

Sathvik G

Nice video bro can we use external microphone

Raiss Kamal

hey how much time does it take to charge and drain on 1080p

Jocelyn Tan

Hi, was wondering if this cam has the feature of displaying the speed "km/h" when using the car mode.


Hey Alex, great video. Do you know if an external battery pack can be connected for extended record time? I have seen some cameras that will not let you use the camera at the same time the battery pack is connected and goes into charge mode. Thanks


Thanks! This is a good one but a bit pricey.
I notice you drive a Kia, do you have a review for it? I like to watch your Kia review.

Meth Methanoid

Nice one Alex. It WAS worth watching and product was much more interesting than video title made Me think. Is that lovely green land Canada and your neighbourhood? My nephew tells me Toronto area is lovely to visit.


Great video mate camera is surprisingly small but it takes great pictures


Good video, Great product, but i prefer the Eken h9 4K (not real 4k, just 15 fps and 1080p scaled to 4k) because is chipper and in 1080p video are identical...!


Very informative review of this action camera. Help me with my purchase decision. Much appreciate your work.

Pankaj Lagad

How to use zoom in/out function while video recording in SJCAM M20? Is there any buttons available for zoom in/out...


Hey Redskull . I have the m20. I only can record in 1080dpi. when I record in 2k or 4k i only get audio. no video ? please help
I bought 3 diffrent sd cards no luck. Sandisk extreme plus 32gb / pny prime proformance 32gb / sandisk ultra pluse 64gb
wich had to change re-format to ( fat32) all class 10 / all speed write up to 85-95 MBs please help


can u use an external mic on this camera like u can. change the pov...

Calv Candy

thx for review, I just got this camera, do you know how I can connect it to PC win8.1 or which software I have to download

Caio Absy

Hey bro. what s your choice? M20 or Xiaomi Yi 2? Im searching a cheap action cam with good battery life and image stabilization to mountain bike cross country rides. Thanks!

cool water

nice review. what is the best M20 or the SJ6 in terms of video quality?

Yan Toure

which resolution for the picture did you pick to get the widescreen photo ? Please answer ...

gautam senthilkumar

Hi alex I think this is the best budget friendly cam thanks for the review I like to know how do I check the camera is original or fake ?

Sandra Williams

How far away can you be and the remote or phone features still work? If camera was on a baseball field at home plate for example would the remote still work in right field?