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The Android Dude

SJ cam 8 pro Vs Firefly 8se plz tell me I'm confused


Yeah, that audio on SJ8 Pro needs some improvement, lots...


Very good review, thank you, with me like!.. I bought a SJCam SJ 8 Pro + SJ-GIMBAL 2, all updated to the latest firmware and the result is very happy...

Tomek Vilmovskiy
As to me, all the last generation of cameras is usless. I mean, today 60fps is essential, stablilization is essential. Also 720p is usless in 2019. Therefore only 2 options: 1080/60 with stab and 4k/60 with stab. THe first can be aceived on much older cams, the second can't be acheived by any. Well, as long as we assume 1080/60 on older cams is equal to 1080/60 on newer cams. I planned to buy Sj7 star for 1080/60 w/stab, but week ago got sj5000 elite in perfect condition for 35usd, now watching compare videos and deciding to buy or not… Read more »

Good video and congrats for the 2k subs!

Tomek Vilmovskiy

Strange, no one word about lags on sj8 Plus, like 2:25
If it like that on original file, the camera is a totally useless.

Aaron Screwface

I'm not a fan of the permanent "lipstick mode" that the SJ8 Plus seems to be stuck in 🙁


sjcam sj8 pro very good qualiti in 4k 60p bitrate 100 mbps. fullhd 1920 60p bitrate only 18 mbps.