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not very good as a helmet cam though due to the very un-aerodynamic form factor ... and 20 mins continuous use battery life is downright horrendous

Molten Pros

Some really impressive features but the quality looks like shit and that is outdoors in good light. Just imagine shooting inside, it will get much worst. Looks worst than a gopro.

Jake Payne

Ho. Lee. Chit... That's amazing. Not going to enter, though. I want others to have a chance 😉
I always love seeing your farm, James. Now, your face on the other hand 😷 Great review.


2 main things I would love to be added, more battery life and water resistance, and I'm all sold.

Nikola Jovic

actualy your face looks realy profesionall

David Hayes

Lol... It's not about your face... It's the content. And I think you nailed it. Great video, and you got yourself another sub.

Thomas R. Aasen / TRA AS

Great face, great voice and a great reveiw.And i hardly ever think anything on youtube is great =)

Tino G - Sailing

Is the sound recorded with the build in microphone ?

tomas hansen

I started with this vid thinking urgh God ... yet another yupee talking with the sellers hand up his bum. But damn. First of great video. Secondly, that's amazing tech. And that diapering stick... that's just witchcraft. Thanx man. I'm subed.

Matt Kochanowski

soz stupid question so spinning tripod handle and magic invisible insta stick are two separate accessories? Is this correct?

Ride With Rahul

This can be an addition in the kit to GoPro users but I really don't see GoPro people throwing away their GoPros for something like this right away. There are advantages of the GoPro and their image quality is far superior.

Hugo Antão

But in the base video, without any kind of edition, is there already automatic focus on target chosen or will it always be necessary to do an image/video editing to ensure that the video image is focused on you? It would have been interesting to have made a split screen showing a video trench with and without editing simultaneously in a few seconds on a portion of your video...

Kevin Kong Ting

I like your face, don't know what these people are on about. Be proud. Love your own face. You deserve it.


I ordered the waterproof case (Venture Case) back in November and it's still not in stock

Tech Geeks Try Stuff

We just wanted to say we love your face 😀

T. L.

Wow, that little thing is magic. I would actually go outside if I had one. 😂


I think I like the Insta360 One X but I know I'm not going to get much use out of it. I have the GoPro 5 and I've used it three or four times. Basically new and I've had it for years!

manifest 73

Not really not everyone is willing to pay a high price. Especially when there are good and cheap Chinese 4k action cams on the market.

Ivo Bagnara
Thank you for your video sir. I've been thinking about buying this camera and I'm digging the features it has. I'm concerned about the editing part tho, which is probably the most important thing as the shooting seams to be very easy. The quality of the video I think it's nice but not great. You've been shooting outdoor and with quite decent light, but colors are not so good imo.I don't have much experience in editing and this is what scares me more about getting this amazing piece of tech. I may end up getting good shots but get lost… Read more »

Damn dude your rich. Manor on the hillside?

Damon Jones

hey that bic was my favorite windsurf board