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steeven coogan

Client: Great video but time code ... this and this. Also do this and this in premier cant wait for that vids.


How do you maintain the crazy amount of adobe files? I recently had to delete all of the files because my disc got full... 🙁 I’m going to have to download them back once school starts again

Divyansh Agarwal

I would love to have that subscription .
Would really help me starting out as a freelancer 🤗

Samson Marthet

Definitely want a asus pa90 but with your photo printed on it

Mohammed Khan

You ever thought about switching to Resolve? It REALLY takes advantage of the extra GPU horsepower your computer has

Lukas Thomsen

"I dont now how to use the computer!!?!?"

Akshat T

Clutch setup man!! Give me that subscription need it so bad. So done with trials. Messes everything after a week... so please

Jabrayil Asadov

Here is a comment to win a creative cloud. Good luck to me!

Peejay, Jr. Lee

A shirt + mug = Shmug 😁
Shmug + picture = Shmicture 😅

In short, i want all of it!😂🤣
P.S. Can you pls add that Adobe subscription?? 🥺🥺🥺

Spark Vision

Do anybody know any good video editing software that is on purchase and you don’t have to pay every month

kenton brandmeyer

this adobe suite would be insanely helpful

Mathias Larsson

The Proart product line looks like a more affordable option to the Mac Pro.

Aaron May

Hi! Would love a year prescription! Would help out a TON

Rajkumar Vadla

Potato Jet, I want to thank you for filling joy and knowledge in my everyday routine.

Collectivista Media

Aww man I watched til the very end hoping to see you dance to techno! Such a tease! 😂

Collectivista Media

I would love to upgrade my defunct adobe cc 2017 🙂

Wolfshoot Productions 23

I love to watch your videos while rotobrushing

Potato Jet

Thanks again to Wipster for sponsoring! Snag your 90-day trial here: http://go.wipster.io/Gene

Reza Shahriar Rahman

Hey man ... that adobe cc subscription would be great if I get it ... My subscription is ending soon and paying from my Country, Bangladesh is very hard. BTW I also want the signed autograph ...

phyllis and peter gosurfing67

I'm am using filmora 9 and a MacBook, I've been subscribed for 2 years and Adobe would be amazing!

Min Lee

The autographed photo and the subscription please

jie ruo

1year adobe subcription + potato jet autograph


If I win the subscription can I also get that autographed picture?

Mustafa Abbas

Best giveaway ever for greater, i would love to win 🤗

C.S. Conrad

I got my Adobe first sub on Black Friday and now I'm dreading Novemeber coming around because my sub is going to be twice as much money and it's going to hurt my budget big time.