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Nige Sainsbury

Great video again Stuart. Thank you. A friend has just bought a 360-degree camera for his adventure riding and I have to say it is a very impressive camera overall and the editing software is incredible. Its called an Insta 360 ONE. Its relatively new to the market (I believe) and its capability is still being developed, fed in part by feedback from its customer base. It's worth a Google search.

Martin Lynch

Good review but did you day you haven't actually used the Hero 7? I have the 7 & the new Osmo Action and the stabilisation is very good on both. The Hero 7 is much much better in low light too. If I had to choose one however I'd go for the Osmo Action because of the wider main screen, colour & monitor screen, battery fit (so much better than the door on the GoPro's) & indeed the DJi Mimo app that I also use to control my Mavic 2 Pro & Osmo pocket.

Delane Shoemaker

The DJI looks far superior to what ever you were using on the RE in the first part of the video! I'm in the market for a camera and looking at the GO PRO 7 Black, now you got me to looking at the DJI OSMO Action. Great information Stuart...!

Iivari Dark
Yes, we have 2 Hero 4:s and they started getting hot and shut themselves down. Also, we have a Sony fdr-x1000v and it seems to have its own tricks now too after 2 years of satisfactory use... And a Hero 5 that seems to work quite ok, and... because it was on sale, a Hero 6 that is now just going into use... We have our cams placed onto handlebars (one, sony is on the rear frame videoing backwards) and there has been some work and experimenting to have them fastened so that vibration is not an issue... Also, we… Read more »
Dorman Diaries

Thanks for doing this. Nice to get some proper feedback from someone who obviously knows what he is talking about so those of who don’t can make the right purchase decision 👍

Roger Kent

Impressive picture quality and stabilisation, thanks for posting this Stuart.

On Any Sundry Mule

That camera form makes sense for a chest cam or for tripod/selfie stick work. I prefer a slim forward profile camera for helmet cam stuff though. Due to the general lack of availability of the Sony A200 at the time, I ended up with an Olympus Stylus Tough TG tracker. It is waterproof, with inbuilt image stabilization, and I like it, but just wish it had a mic jack though ... and one that did not compromise the waterproof boundary, if that was a possibility at all. Kind regards Sir.


I’ve got 2 hero 7 blacks and an old hero 2. I may have to pick one of these up. Great vid. Thanks Stuart.


The camera even allows you to change bikes without stopping. You leave with the Royal Enfield and come home with the Triumph 😜💪

Anders Eriksen

Stuart: I did´n know this product, thnx for info on it, but also all "the technical stuff" — great: test, — video, — filming, and comments.
(I´m confused when at time 12:05, seeing you entering "The new Weight Watchers" — guy´s dont ever ask about "this man´s weight" — seriously, look what he´s doing to please the View´r — LOL.)
Stuart, have a very pleasent holiday.

Phillip Payne

Amazing talent you have in discription. And very easy to listen to great vid I could even see the fluid in the front brake window and level 👍👍👍

Mothership Videos

just out of interest can you plug a mic directly into the camera and get reasonable sound?


I love DJI so much!! I'm glad you did a vlog with it on the Bobber.

Wilbury Castle

Interesting vid Stuart , looks like a good camera ... maybe an upgrade for my old xtc 400... regards Fred ...ps yesterday saw a gorgeous powder blue GT continental Enfield ...