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Astra liao

Great review, thanks for posting! Would like to get one.


Jordan Boostmaster Would you recommend this over the ZhiYun Rider m? Or vice versa? I have been looking into the rider m and I cannot find any videos where it doesn’t occasionally glitch for a second by shaking or turning, then fixing itself. Would you still recommend the rider m even considering the occasional glitches?

Jack Mason

Thank you for the review. I have just started looking into getting a wearable gimble to get some MTB video and come across yours which is perfect.

luca dan

On their site they doesn't specify about gopro hero 6. Can you recomand me a gimbal for gopro hero 6

Mountain Bike Pete

So you have to buy a gimbal. Which one would you buy?
The WG2 or the Z1 Rider M?

Im looking to get one... Thanks.

Darius Hobbs

How have you got the great Audio without the gimbal noise, I know you added a clip with the original audio but how have you gotten rid of the noise for that awesome audio?

Noah Appleby

Just a quick question which GoPro settings do you use because it seems when i use my Hero 6 for MTB the 4K footage looks awful?

Ricky Downhill - RDH

Great review, thanks for posting!

Stian Jorge Jarnæss

Thanks for the great video! Love mine, even though I've tried it only once. Interesting that You get 5 hours battery life!😀 I have the Stuntman chest harness, love the great mount and extra stability

Frederik Gorlt

Hey I want to buy a DaVinci Willson so I found one in since xl with a reach of 450 I am 1.75m which size is yours and do you think it's to large?

Julian Maytum

I sure wish they used batteries you can replace. I'm sure they could do it and keep it waterproof. I worry what will happen when that battery finally dies...

Etops Flight

You mentioned 5 hours of use — is that continuous as I heard this unit only has 2 hours ops max?

Dani Wong

I noticed that you aren'nt using the GoPro chest mount, which are u using in this video?
(I have the exact same gimbal, but with the GoPro chest mount the gimbal is too heavy)

William Cronin

0:25 That's a New Zealand 2 dollar coin! 🙂


Whats your motor strength settings? Regarding dead zone you set 0 and folllow speed 100?

Travels By Trike

thanks for the review! Do you know if the GoPro 7 will balance with the microphone adapter attached?

uni li

nice vid. I can't wait for more vids with this gimble.Help me a lot


These look like some amazing trails! Where are they?

Jayseal ENDURO

How do you know if it is fully charge?

Phoenix Plays Games

does it come with a fixed gopro mount on it or just the screw mount you have to screw in?

Christopher Abnett

Great Review thank you, I was Hunting High and Low (no pun intended lol) for a review and landed on yours 👍

The Singletrack Surfer

@Jordan Boostmaster How does the WG2 perform on cornering at speed like on gee'd up berms? does it hold the horizon alright or do the crotch shot thing like the WG tends to do? Thanks

Matt Kochanowski

5 hours on battery when manufacturer says 2,5?


Can you provide a link for the apple app? I just got mine today, and my app looks nothing like yours. I have terrible function, and appears nothing like your settings. Thanks

Giacomo de Lorenzi

where do I can find the different metal mounts? i just broke the standard one 🙁

MikeRides MTB

Hey Jordan I was looking into this WG2 after my gimbal had some issues with sweat causing it to glitch. I had seen others have issues with it losing horizon on big G-outs, did you experience anything like that during testing? Solid review.

Kristofer Yahner

Did you have any issues with noise from the gimbal motors when using this gimbal with the hero 5 or 6?


Couldn’t you plug the gimbal into a power bank while you use it?

Chump MTB

My 1st gimbal was a Feiyu tech. The previous gen. I liked the panning and mounting better than the Evo SS, but it broke after 4 rides, and no crashes. I ended up getting an Evo. This new Feiyu looks like it might be more reliable. The fixed battery makes me nervous, but I'm digging the new features

Bike with Mike !

I bought a feiyu tech wg2 and wasn't happy with how it mounted on a gopro chesty as it was too unstable. Have you heard of a stuntman chest harness. Bought one and it's solved the mounting issue. Comes with a direct mount for the gimbal so it sits flat against the chest plate

FLY Team Mtbc

I've been using this gimbal for awhile. Excellent gimbal. Long lasting battery. When you crash, has breakaway screws, easily replaced; can buy at hobbies store.

Magnum McClean

The follow mode is vary ruff and I do not Motion sickness
But with follow mode I get motion sick and the pan follow is better in my opinion

WüRK Horse Fitness And Training

jordan what motor dynamics settings did you find to be best?

Sams Old Youtube

what chest mount thing you using ? I bought a gimbal like this but cant find a decent chest thing to mount it to to make it wearable...


I think the follow mode makes it look more realistic