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Campervan Tales

We have the Pocket but want something for when we are filming in wet weather. I saw another review that really put me off the Action but I think you have changed my mind. Never had an action camera before but we are quite committed to DJI, with also having a Spark.

Neto Velasco

MIne arrived today and after filming for 10 minutes it happened exactly the same in the front screen, did DJI reply to your email?

British Boxer

interesting dawg, the sex dolls, sex toys, perverse scenario and sniffing gear Jarred Polin style...but can you gets some pu55y and twerking in your videos is the 1st question i have?? the second is that your camera is fried mate! return it to DJI!


I get the osmo action the last Tuesday and stop working the same day I charged full I used like 15 minutes and turn off... after 1 hour I tried to turn on and nothing it’s dead don’t charging so frustrating the same happened with the osmo pocket after one month now the same day I get it ... I got Mavic air Mavic 2 Zoom Osmo mobile and no complains ... I contact Dji and I’m waiting to resolve my case because it’s a defective unit... god bless you my friend take care...

W.G. Brown

Thanks so much for your reviews, saved me some money

Buddy Budryk

Tempted for the hero 7 or this one, still looking for slomotion at 1080 p but not at a cost

Buddy Budryk

Pity as an extra 10 fps added to 240 fps for slow motion would have put it at 10% at 1080p, not looked hard but there is a 200fps i think., I've used NTSC slomo speeds which are divisible by 24, on editing to mix with 25 fps the software adds a duplicate frame every second which i laboriously delete for the whole of the slomo clip, it works with a smooth result.

Optimal Review

This heating issue is interesting! Anybody else with similar experience?


Need some pipe grips to take the filter off. I would suggest putting some gaffe tape over the lens before going at it

Simon Te Whaiti

as usual your review is on point , clear and unbiased cheers

Nick Cooper

15:09 Seems like the Osmo Action has a design fault (similar to the mavic pro) when recording at 4k/60fps it generates too much heat to dissipate. Don't think DJI will be fixing this problem with a software patch (unless they plan to throttle cpu usage!). This guy has same issue as you Dylan. >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xwsy-bGG2Y. I'm off to test mine now at 4k/60fps. Will post any news back here.

Mavic Pilot

VERY nice and complete review. Great job ! Also I am like you, and LOVE the smell of new electronic when they just came out of the box 😀

Chen Chris

Mine did have the same mark that showed up the front screen in my first use. It appeared only after 1 hour since the camera started filming.

Bobby Beaman
I finally wrapped my lens with a cloth and loosened it with pliers. Ridiculous that it's that tight from the factory and begs the question, does it have to be that tight yet again to be totally waterproof? I scratched my housing despite it being wrapped with a cloth which further pissed me off. I'm a pretty strong guy, just like you, and I couldn't grip it enough to loosen it either. In hindsight, I wish I had waited until I had one of those rubber cloths you use to loosen jar lids and I could have gotten it by… Read more »

I had to use pliers to get the lens cover off. Just cover it with something thick so it doesn't get marred.

Simon Baxter

Great review/comment as always, many thanks. FYI there is a QR Code in the included "Safety Booklet" which takes you to a down loadable pdf manual with the basics in just a couple of taps. You can't really expect 13 language Quick Start Guide in such a small box these days?


Seems like condensation might be a problem with this camera as well. I wonder if the lens cover will fog up in warmer weather or when snorkeling? I had a really bad experience with my hero 7 in Fiji. The lens cover would fog up after 30 seconds of recording.


I'm on sec day of testing my Osmo and has same issues like you.
Firsth thought about high temp, was an update, but its probably WiFi module. Also I got "figer-print" defect on front screen, but its just gone after 3-4min. (i thing its whole about temp differents, when u go outside with hot cam. Its mby a glue? I dont rly know).

Mad RC

Good overview Dylan and you sum it up perfectly, not really for 7 Black users but for everyone else well worth a look, On the condensation thing turning it on with the lens off and letting it run for 15m outdoors should allow it to acclimatise and flash off any moisture from traveling around the globe and production.


The lens in the front makes no sense as anything that is really action sports related you have no time to admirer your work you just set it and forget it... this is not a selfie cam its a action camera...


Its a camera why do i have to register it to shoot a damm video...

Stefanie Daniella

take lens filter off when cool? (not when hot after use?)


I haven't bought a GoPro or action camera in quite a few years and so I have this now. Don't have the GoPro 7 so I don't know what I'm missing but I'll be using mine for VLogging mostly so the front screen and stabilisation are what I really need from this camera. Thanks for the comprehensive review

Moira O'Brien

Excellent review Dylan — as only have a cheapo action cam I have been considering buying one. Now I will.

Car Frequency

Hi, I have the same issue with the frontscreen. It looks like small bubbles. After a while I also noticed it was from the heat. When turning the unit off it disappeared but it came back when using it. It is worse with 4k compared to 1080. I personally was not so much impressed by the Rocksteady especially at higher frame rates. It doesn't look as good as in some of the reviews I have seen. I am considering returning it next week.

Pandacat 666

nice review. but i will NEVER ever buy any DJI stuff again from that company thought

I have taken the plunge and bought the OA and must agree with your honest review. Good work!Tested the camera against my GoPro Hero 6 (don't have a 7) and it threw up one concern: Firstly, have a look at video around 5:55 which is comparable to my footage. The OA does not do good service to your beautiful face. Hero 6 is an outright winner when it comes to the picture quality — a lot smoother and better colours. Now, I don't know if this is down to sharpness, codec or whatever, but I hope a firmware update can take… Read more »
T & D W

See the DJI support response in the replies to the first comment of this video https://youtu.be/8xwsy-bGG2Y


The front screen on the OSMO Action Cam is an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), which are very sensitive to changes in surface temperature. The problem only occurs when some area of the screen is at a different temperature than the surrounding. As far as the lens cover, it will unscrew. Take a strip of masking or electrical tape and wrap it around the edge to protect it. Then with a pair of pliers of some type, hold it firm and unloosen, it should break free with just a little bit of pressure.

James Anderson

In your review you had on Initial power up a Bluetooth option which I didn’t? I also agree that it gets rather warm. I also cannot unscrew the lense as they must have superglued it in place.

Just Harry Johnson

Dylan it seems you are not the only one
This proves there is something wrong with the camera

Drone Seekers

Thumbs up ere' Dylan, another great video and great to hear your views on the new Action camera — getting a few members with this moisture problem! Maybe a recall — many thanks for sharing 🙂

Rex Williams-42001

Good video! I did use a rag and channel locks (Gently) to remove the lens cover. It is designed to come off for ND filters.

Daniel Wisniak

Good and useful review.
As per your last comments, I understand that you prefer the H7B, despite all the known problems (freezing, battery drain etc)?
Thank you.