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Visitando tu canal amiguita un gran gran video dejo mi dedito arriba me encanto 👍👍👍🥰🤗😘😘🔔👌👌🥰👍👌🔔🔔🔔🔔

Austin Happy World* 奧斯丁快樂TV*

nice review~ enjoy watching, big like^^

Rodneys Toy Garage Review

What’s up JJ !!!
He is so smart !!!💙
Like 40🥳
Great Review like always !!!!😉

stacz toy channel

What amazing camera. I would love to get one and very good review on it 😊

ToyGeeks HD

The footage under water looks cool 👍 looks like nice quality

ToyGeeks HD

Super cool small action camera, love the cute filters 👍


That's a pretty cool camera. Great for kids!

Vision Tina

Wow, very nice camera! Thanks for your sharing! 👍👍👍

Bosnia Malay Kids

Wow nice review, and nice video, the dinosaur❤️. Wow. New friend here, done subscribe with full view, hope you will subscribe back 🙏❤️ let’s stay connected 🙏🙏

Maya Moonicorn

Wow this looks really awesome 😀 great review 👍🏻💖

Jace's Toy Playhouse

Wow, what a great camera and love the color! Unboxing at the beach, wow!! JJ, you are a great bike rider!! Underwater footage is so cool !!

Happy Hippos

What a great camera and a fun park too. Thumbs up friend. Enjoyed in full.

Eva's Toy Reviews And Adventures

A very nice camera. Looks very cool and great for kids. We enjoyed the review and had fun. Big thumbs up from us.

Thousand Toys

Muy buen video perfecta reweiv super like para ti💓

Soo Random Fam

Awesome camera fun water balloons 💞😊

OziMania Gaming Channel

Hi jjs play new my Friends good videos I'il wait for you 👌🔊👌🔊👌🔊🔊

Colorful Hands Toys Show

That is an awesome action cam for kids. It's waterproof and easy to operate. Nice one Jj. Enjoy the weekend and see you around,.😄🌞

1001 Cool Games

Cool Video 🧡💜💛💚💙
👍 # 47


Waterproof cameras are amazing! We use ours all the time!

Cadys Corner

Oh waterproof awesome! Great review! Want to get this! ! Cute kiddie pool! ♥️

Brandie Reid

Wow! Amazing little camera! 💕💜❤️Perfect for kids!💙💜💜Great sharing!


OMG! the camera is cute and awesome! Love this video 😍😍

Toy Box Mix Up

Wow, this camera looks amazing 😃 cool review my friend 😃💛👍👍👍

learning and playing

Nice video 😆😆a big like 👍👍👍with 🔔🔔🔔🔔stay connected with learning and playing 🥰🥰

Ayah and Mini Me

Wow... awesome camera my friend and awesome video too, thank you for sharing 😀

COLOR SPLASH - Anupam Bhardwaj

That's the perfect action camera for kids 👌👌

Melia's Playhouse

Hey JJ! Looks like you were out fishing with mommy and daddy. Hope you're having an amazing summer. That little camera is perfect for you. Aww it's Dahlia, tell her we say hello and we miss seeing her videos! The filters are cute and the video quality is amazing!