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I don't know what day you did this, but I wouldn't want to move those pine rounds with some of the ridiculous dewpoints we have had of late.

Thurston Lapointe

that bug looked like a pine sawyer beetle

Daniel Ladishew

Linear is WAY better comparatively. Had zero sense of scale and depth on the other one. Can't wait for the hydro videos to come fast and heavy! Keep it up.

Rumbler tag

How are you planning on removing the stumps? Also what are you planning to do with the logs?

Bad Samaritan

Hmm, the gopro seems to flatten the image, and makes it really hard to discern depth. The flat mode is definitely better than the fisheye/panoramic, but the perspective still seems weird. Anyone else feeling this?

Adirondack Camping Adventures

I am tired just watching this. About to go to camp and cut brush and downed trees so I kinda understand.

Alessandro Vignato

I think now you should try to upload 60fps videos, as the Hero 7 allows such recordings and that would make everything a lot more pleasant to watch.


For a better close view you don't need linear, narrow will give a better closeup. But less range of course. And the hero 7 is not extravagant i guess.

Antony Peacock

I think you so deserve sponsorship from whichever alcoholic beverage is your choice after shifting those logs around.


I agree the Linear view is best. I hate fish-eye.
Thanks for your videos.

Read the Instructions

I purchased the same Hero 7 black, the battery really does deplete fast so beware.
I have an Ion Lithium auto car jumper that I use to charge the GoPro which works very good.

Gwjwnshar Basumatary

iam the 1st to like the vedio😁😁😁