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Jon Mike

At 35:24 there is a little girl in the blue bedroom to the left, or if not what is the small human doing by the bed? Looks very very very strange!


He wanted to run away in that moment but didn't know how

Shannon Nelson

InApickle, I don't think he cared about them being with someone else. He just didn't want to pay child support and he would get 90,000 in life insurance policies. He wanted to put NK in Shan'anns spot. Basically just a fresh start with no baggage.

Lauren Christie

I’d love to see you and your spouse get into an argument. Lol. You can point out all the body language signs shown. But in all seriousness, it’s so interesting how humans do things when we lie or feel threatened.

Nigeria Parker

I am only 9 minutes in and I am in tears.


I keep crying when I see the little kids flashback


According to him they were going to split up and sell the house. He'd rather them dead than happy with somone else.

The A kids The three A kids

He's going to hell or he is in hell

Pusheen Wonders

There is no excuse for this. But was there a reason?


I feel bad for watts. But killing your family just isnt the way.


Neighbor Nate is the man🙌🏽🙌🏽😂

Jabar Henv

I cant make out all of what Nate said: "He's normally quiet, a (INAUDIBLE) dude?" What was the last thing he said? Could anyone hear it?

Harshavardhanreddy Vanga

oh shit there's a girl in the room at the back 36:22

Dininda Weerawardana

My dad is my hero ...that little girl said god damn i still hear it...

Gail Clark

And his fav word like, like
Stupid idiot
He’s lower then scum

Brett Davis

Crazy that bradly cooper looking ass dude with the big house and beautiful wife and beautiful daughters could kill his family looks like a normal everyday dad that is unbelievable

Ethan S.

Well theoretically if his family was just missing and he had nothing to do with it then he might not feel the need to rush or be that worried considering he was already planning on getting a divorce

mike powers

rest little ones theres only innocrnce in heaven,

Ichhh M

They said that, the mind is the most difficult enemy


Is it just me or was there a little girl in that room with the blues walls at 36:19????????

FEli GlEz

Do police always carry a camera like that to film what they are investigating? And then release it to the public?

Chris Groves

Is this the same asshole that killed a teen in like 1990? Puslinch Lake?..

Eevee and Pikachu

So at first... Chris says he has no idea where she could be but then he claims she went to her friend’s house... I wonder who the murderer is...

filthy rych

Well, I'd hate to see what his new "mistress" looks like in prison

Ichhh M

Such a huge house, beautiful wife and daughters, he killed his 2 daughters, and the unknown angel in his wife's. 🙁 Man what have you done...

Phoebe Thereal

When the officer was asking questions, he barely made any eyes contact🤔

filthy rych

That police officer is a very good person and he's awesome for staying and waiting for that murderer to show up. And Nate and Nicole I'm sorry about your friend/neighbor. You two are very good people please stay that way

Dave Grabowski

your like 50percent correct. if you saw me youd never know

melanie gonzalez

I hope the family haunts him till he dies vengence is there’s

Tha gon gon

Holy fuck I’ll skip 10 seconds ahead and it’s the same phrase chill out

Brandens Vlogs

I live in eire Colorado that's where this is at Iike 5 min away from them