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Alondra Clarke

thanks for this video. I want to create price alert for this. I've found Couponsfromchina, but maybe you know more websites. cheers bro

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke

For all you folks complaining about the Protune comparison, the Yi did NOT have the firmware for flat profile pushed out yet at the time of filming, AND I purposefully placed the gopro in protune over normal so you can see the dynamic range comparison of the two.
Besides, you should watch my NEWER video comparing the GoPro 5 vs Yi 4K: https://youtu.be/uXa49dOj_oY

Joel lindblom

To bad it cant take external mic, if it did everyone with a motorcycle and their friend would buy one. Including me.

Patrick Monrad

you are really the best, you answered a lot of questions. i'll take the yi2 right now, too much problems with gopro, it's soo sad! :- (

Andres Camilo Cabas

Compren una cámara buena esas barata no sirven para nada

Mahesa Ilham

What is the recomended? Im very confused


12,000-13,000 for all of the Filipinos outhereeee


if anyone has an unwanted gopro give me)) please.Hallelujah=))

being real

Can we shoot narrow angle by action camera

Ben Yeah

Does the 4k action camera works if it doesnt connect to your phone??


My GoPro hero4 session is better than anything else 🙂 <3

Stefano GR

Hi! But... it's possible mount the Xiaomi YI at Zenmuse H3-D3?? Or for only Gopro? 🙁 I use Phantom 2...

Luke Fisher

This camera has just dug GoPro's grave...

The Public Vloggers

Hello there... YI 4K is water proof ? What if I use YI 4K while driving in heavy rain ?


does the battery last more than 4 hours?

Vickey Nimbal

Dude I am unable to change the language to English from Chinese in Xiaomi Mijia 4K action camera can you please help me?

Markus Augeneder
hi, i have bought the yi 4k+ after watching your video. at the moment i am facing the problem, that i dont get any usable content out of the camera. i use 1080p 120fps because i want to do some slo mo shots. but the clips i get out of the camera are more than just bad. i realize, for every clip there are two files, a small one for preview on cam and a big one that contains the real footage. i use the big one. the output is stuttering, laggy and even incredibly blurry. can you tell me… Read more »
Azhar Khan

Image stabilation 2:58 works well, don't you guys think?!

Sgt van der Walt
One does not simply use logic with an Apple fan, and apparently nor do you with GoPro fans.They have a deep seeded need to justify the ridiculous price they paid for an inferior product, (yes Apple, you) when all the electronics available today gets made in China, which is better, Chinese, or Chinese-Chinese. Nobody does Sony better than Sony, so if your Apple has the same (lower spec) camera sensor, how can it be better than a Xperia, for example. Yet it lacks a 4.5mm audio jack, a feature included on even the shittiest Androids out there, and you still… Read more »
Sgt van der Walt

I use fruit as an example, since I don't own a fruity phone, nor do I feel the need to spend a grand on an action cam when most of the people ranting wouldn't even be able to tell the difference if shown the footage from my 40 bucks cam. It is called filtering and editing.

Br1aNn88 YT

Lol time flys by. This cam is only $150 now. But the hero 4 could be found for $130

Zak Deleon

I wonder if i can connect this to a photo printer.