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robin walford

Ace review, always fancied one of those.

Jake J

Weirdly enough, in my location, the FZ1 is actually cheaper than the FZ6. Even when comparing dealership second hand price of the FZ1 compared to FZ6 on craigslist. I don't see any reason to not go for the FZ1 if you are saving money compared to getting the FZ6! It's supposed to be a higher tier and rarer bike compared to the FZ6.

Long term are there any mechanical failures or major issues with the bike? Or just regular maintenance like oil and filter, tires, brake pads, spark plugs, etc?


Usual top drawer vlog by the master. 33:34 minutes of pure quality. 👍

I'm sure you could make a vlog on watching paint dry an entertaining experience!

Adam Simpson

you should do a comparison between the FZ1N and the original FZS1000

mark smith

I just got back from the Black forst 1800 miles round trip on a triumph street triple . Before i left replaced the seat for comfy seat wouldn’t of help much so bough a add on air cushion seat . Made a big difference all so puts your seat highs so not so cramped.

Alexander Mulder
I found your channel last year because I bought a FZ1N at the same time. And just like you, one year later I´m in love with it (and your channel). I did some simalar mods, same screen, it came with a sc project exhaust, got a nicer tailtide, powercommander 3 and yamaha led plus drl/led blinkers with dimming. I'm in the proces of quieting it down a little, here in the Netherlands and in the Eifel just across the border they're checking soundlevels more and more. (and the fines are not funny at all)What you can do for some more… Read more »

Her, AndymanCam have you ever used Kuviger for navigations?


just bought a bike...this ,FZ1, was in the final 3... but the front of the bike ,along with their choice of handlebars, instead of a tall clip-on,.and the front fairing design is butt ugly...i know have a special edition zx14 in the barn

Alan Cyr

Yamaha FZ1 — Power, 111.8 kW (149.9 hp; 152.0 PS) @ 11,000 rpm (claimed). Torque, 106.8 N⋅m (78.8 lbf⋅ft) @ 8,000 rpm (claimed)

andy exup

Drop a tooth on the front that peps the acceleration. Does the quick shifter help change gear ont back wheel I struggle to get fifth but 2nd to 4th OK

johny newell

great video andy straight talking no fuss review and now thinking changing blackbird for an fz1 keep up the good work

Christian Weller

Old bikes and AA relay ... the perfect get you around cheaply combo. There are so many good bikes out there about this age for under three grand (UKP) VTRs, CBFs, Sprints etc. Why mortgage your life away with a depreciation monster?

Michel Foshee

Nice bike. I'm in US and have a FZ8n 2011. Runs great just under 20 k miles. Was thinking if it was possible to swap a FZ1 motor and PCM and if that's all that's needed...since they are basically same engine.

I don’t know if it’s been mentioned to you before but if you do a search “Ivan’s fuel controller FZ1” he used to at least make a module you can splice into the system that largely addresses the fuelling issues, I had one on my ‘06 FZ1 S and it massively improved riding bike. It was an easy install because I did it and wiring what not usually gives me the heebee geebee’s. Also consider a Sargent seat from the U.S. for the comfort issue but it won’t really address the rider triangle issue. I wish I had put a… Read more »
Stuart Stuart

I had a fz1n with decat and yoshi muffler Andddd quickshifter... and dam that thing sounded insane on gear change...

Niklas T

Nice Video as always Andy! I recognized my workplace near Eckernförde in your video 😀

Kirill Solovei

do you have an abs ?
if you dont how it to drive on wet road or on rain

Tomy Seväkivi
I watched a lot of your videos before I decided to replace my first bike 2001 FZS1000 , a reliable companion for ten years. Your videos really cemented my decision to get into FZ1’s. So I ended up buying 2008 FZ1-S three months ago. So far I have got great 7000km with it. The only complaints I have are worse fuel economy and a bit too firm seat. The bike was in stock form but I have a list of mods that I want to do and they are not too far from what you have done. So far I… Read more »
Johnathan Tamper

Its Fz1... not f-zed1 jackass.
Well your not a jackass since you got a fZ-1. Just dont say dum shit.

Steven Koski
Well done vid & nicely appointed bike. I’d shorten that monster canister, & add Renthal bars to be proper. My bike needed a new seat, an OEM unit was $465. But I opted for custom reupholstery in suede over Naugahyde. I had an extra inch of gel foam added to my seating area only. Here’s the benefit; besides longer distant comfort, it doesn’t get hot from the FL sun which is brutal, & has held up against fading so far.I used to need to use cool wet rags to cool it enough to sit on, now a thing of the… Read more »
Lew Rossi

I ride a 2008 FZ1 bought new in 2009. Still running like a top 115,000 k,s . Only thing to ever have mess up was coils. I have replaced 2 coils in 10 years. Never been back to the dealer. still original clutch I,m 66 love the power

samuel Budi96

I have the one of fz series, not 1000cc but 150cc, we call Yamaha Byson 😀


I swear to god this bike is just an FZ8 with bigger cylinder head, same gauges, same engine cover, frame, tail etc
6:04 Good one 😀
Also I don't know what your occupation is, or where you lived but I don't know anyone that speaks such perfect and selective English and German... It's genuinely impressive to just listen to you talking


Great review!!! I'm wondering about that Ultimate Addons phone case you have, do you leave the case on the bike with the charging cable attached inside the case when you're not riding? Greetings from Sweden!


Great and very thorough review, AMC. Sounds like a very good investment and your arguments against a new bike make so much sense. Was amazed that you have to register changes to the passenger footpegs and seat on the bike with ze authorities...this on top of not running spin dryers on a Sunday!..Some conventional stereotypes perhaps have a grain of truth?