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Sand man

I don't think that it could make more than 34 bhp on dyno

Harsha Kasturi

The claimed top speed for last year's Dominar model was 148kmph and now Bajaj claims top speed of 156kmph speed for the Dominar 400 2019 model

Saurav Mehta

Is it okay or comfortable for 5'6?..can 5'6 guy ride this bike comfortably in city as well as in highway?

Vasista Suparna

Please do the highway speed test of dominar 400 2019

Kcazykcaj Serrot

Its better if they made it built in hazard switch as well. 😎


I own dominar 2019. I don't feel vibration. Get your bike checked

Jagjit Singh

Should I stretch my budget to get Duke 390 or is this good enough to save 80-90k inr. I didn't test ride dominar 2019 but i did find Duke 390 performance and handling sufficient. Oh, and I have just 1 year or so to ride a bike. (Buying for Ladakh trip this summer).
So the question is : Is it worth spending 90 k more on Duke 390 when you are gonna ride it for 1 -1.5 years ? Especially if it's all of your savings :p

Atul Singh Chauhan

Thank you for the fantastic review. Domiar 2019 has many worthy upgrades. There are lesser vibrations and more power.
I am exploring to buy a bike approx under 3 lakh. Priorities — comfortable pillion & driver seat, and low maintenance. Which bike would you like to suggest? I am not very experienced in these kinds of bikes, so don't know a lot about them. Till now I have two choices in my consideration set — Dominar 2019, TVS RR 310.
Is there a new version of RR 310 coming out this year ?

Chetan M Rock's

Rahul S...I've been waiting for eight months 4 bajaj dominar 400 2019 edition...wht do you have to say...I want to take this bike.???

Chetan M Rock's

I want to take one of the perfect bike 250 or Bajaj Dominer UG, what you have to say.??

Ketan Kadam

They have raised the handle bars compared to the past version.


Seat height is 800 mm and ground clearance is 157mm

Ruben Kisore

Hello Rahul! The 2019 Bajaj Dominar is super sexy. But in older version the coolant oil mixes with the engine oil, is the same problem exist in the new one ?

Pankaj Bhagat

i am 5'5" of height. will it be matter of concern for me buying the new dominar ? currently i own avenger220


Very nice and impressive review. Is it possible to compare with REHimalayan at this stage of new Lauch — Referring the riding comfort and performance, not comparing specs, but all terrain performance, city roads, bumpy roads, highway, or remote roads.

Ruckman Hakkeem

Hai bro... i have booked the bike after i saw ur video. I have one doubt. In price list they have mentioned ₹3000 as handling charges. What's that? Is it legal?