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Jack Fingland

Great video Paul, wonderful review and accent! 😀


Killer camera but seriously, you bought this for video??! As a fellow 850 owner that comes as a big surprise! 4k on the 850 is awesome...providing your subject isn't moving! For me it's strictly stills only. That said, enjoy! 👍

On the Move Real Estate Photography

Sony cameras are also pretty notorious for poor build quality. They overheat and leak like crazy.

Carky Media

it's like watching a younger version of me! Switching from a D610 myself next week, can't wait to start using the 850. Auna desk mic? Thanks for sharing, enjoyed your honest approach. 1 question, how does the shopping links work? is it set up with youtube or by Amazon?

Jim Makos

New subscriber here, congrats on the new camera! Looking forward to the videos (and photos) you're going to create with it. Have you ever shot with Sony before? Also, very neat office, care to share your lighting setup? Thanks, Paul!

Jhoge Luceno

Hey paul when do you know when to upgrade a camera?