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Asrar Chowdhury

Many Thanks. I'm returning back to photography. This was a wonderful tutorial to remind the hacks you discussed. Love from Bangladesh 🙂

Ariful Islam

Its really useful for us...thank u so much

Kwisclub TA

These are not photography "hacks." These are photography basics.

Jason Honingford

You're a much better salesman than a photographer!


I knew this since I was 15 years old from a 50 page booklet. Start reading people and end the ignorance. Not difficult at all, just interesting

Lawrence Caouette

Any suggestions for videos or tutorials on how to get colors to appear better and more accurately in photos?
Thanks. 🙂

Teresa Ollis

Thanks so much, believe it or not it's hard to get some input without being charged, thank you so much for sharing

Rakesh Shanker

Thank you sir... you explain all steps very clearly ...

Brian Kemp

Been taking several of Mark's courses. This is a nice refresher. Personally I have been taking photographs for many years starting in film. I have taken a number of courses with recognized photographers. It is well worth the time. And I'm enjoying Mark's teaching style.


Nice vid. I think it’s important to know your way around a camera !! It’s what captures the past lol


hiya@ Photography Pro, when i look in the mirror, at age 56, i know im not looking as young as i used to, but my reflection is sort of ok, something i can live with. but when i fire my huawei p9 up in video mode, I get the impression that Herman munster is looking better then me, you see my point, hope everyone's having a wonderful time, kudos

Mohammad Faisal

i donno how i landed here... but i really enjoyed the content...

Curdesha Bynoe

Love this. You are perfect. Thank you.

Rita Balli

Thank you — learned a lot on this video. Could you explain what the numbers on the top of the screen mean when taking pictures. are they telling you how many photos have been taken? How do you know when you have taken number allowed for the card?

Joseph Onginjo

Oh man, you have jst changed my view on photography. I have been having issues understanding the technicalities. This has just helped me comprehend alot of the stuff I was missing out on

Fester Blats

People today are too stupid to use anything but auto.

Disha Mathur

It's just an amazing video! Even my professors in University didn't teach anything that brilliantly.

Wayne Cochrane

Informative, well-organized, and concise. An excellent video. Thank you.

Tarek Ali

Thanks so much for this amazing video. Deeply appreciate it.


I’m new but at +1 was that not over exposed with the sun blown out? Wouldn’t the first image be better and then brought back exposure in post editing to keep the most detail in the image?


What a valuable video! I am finally understanding all of the options outside of auto!

Isabel Canoy

Now i understand my canon 🤪 thanks so much 😊

Marya Portugal

Excellent Tips. Thank you so much Mark Hemmings.

5 Minutes Movies

I never used the automatic mode on my dslr.

Ross Meldrum

17:39 That's how I feel about most of my photographs after I take them!! 🙈 🙉 🙊


I wondered if people actually used the exposure +/- options.


Usually i use programme auto mode. But after viewing the tutorial which has been described so beautifully i started using AV mode and the experience is really awesome. The way u explain is really awesome. I had gone through other professional tutorial but to mention your explanation is really awesome. meanwhile i am sharing my photography link : https://www.instagram.com/curves_angles_lines/?hl=en Share your valuable remarks.


ok, photography pro, but horrible cinematographer. just in and out and in and out, irritating to watch.

Ruby Dose

You’re the nicest guy online, you’re also pretty knowledgeable.

Jeremiah Stringer Hikes

What an excellent tutorial. Great examples and information. Thank you very much!!

prerna golani

Can you post a video on how to take photos for solo travellers