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Good to see interesting product's and demo etc as always you have my 👍

Neon Tetr4

How do you know it’s underrated if it didn’t hit the market yet ?


Keep up the great work. Love watching your videos and trying the new gear you recommend. I'm new to the photography/videography game, but just enjoying the process. Good job carnal

mm smith

Zhiyun weebill lab and crane 3 are much better than that moza air 2


Solid intro! Ive seen tons of vids from NAB, but those were some sweet shots of the displays which are just baiting the vloggers.

Armando Ferreira

Doing something different and trying to cover gear that is not a million dollars ha! What was your favorite gear?


Alright great, now I have a shopping list! My wife's gonna kill me!

The Emo Emu

That Moza gimbal looks cool. I prefer light to capacity.


Armando, I love the colors in the A-roll. They really pop-up in your t-shirt and in the YouTube logo in the subscriber count in the background. Did you use any special technique?

Hey boss. I have a budget of around £2k. I like to mix up photography and video and I'll likely be buying the Atomos because the bigger screen and ability to monitor my video easily (sometimes I film myself) will be invaluable. Which camera do you think is best for this budget? I'm edging towards the Sony A7iii because of its low light performnace. Canon is in my mind but I'm not sure what lenses I'd get which are affordable for under £1k. Also the lack of slow motion at 1080p, low light performance is turning me off it a… Read more »
George Rumboats

Does Anybody know which export ratio this is. It is like almost full screen on an iPhone X. Looks amazing! Hope somebody can help


Wish I came across your videos before I too was at NAB 2019 — I recall seeing you there. Great production, subscribed. Cheers.


Real talk: That Kingston card reader is the one true card reader. EVERYONE HAS ONE!