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I don´t agree with some stuff you said... Single lens is not a bad habit, makes you work harder and that is good, some of the most prolific photographers advocate the single lens use. For the item of looking at every picture after taking it ( you consider that you don´t look enough), well back in the analog day, photographers did not have that luxury and, most of the best pictures of all time are from that era, the mos iconic Photographers never used digital cameras so...

Zvonimir Hoić

LOL you teached me how to properly switch lenses on my a6000, i always juggled with them feeling silly 😛 Thanx for that. A grat and very helpfull video 🙂


I get the sensory overload thing too, but I kind of embrace it! Just feel so stoked! I had that this evening when walking a new beach at golden hour and I came upon seven huge sea turtles scattered across about a half mile of deserted beach. Couldn’t help myself! But I agree, that stoke does have its downsides and you can get super scattered


Thinking I can do landscape photography when I'm on a trip with my wife & kids.

My number 1 bad habit is the exact opposite of you number 9 bad habit. I will shoot some photos and they will sit until I am in the mood to look at them and edit them. Yes this can be months later.Same on number 8. I don’t worry about how much I am chimping.Number 6 yep same, but I do realize my best landscape shots are usually right after a storm. I am most certainly a light snob.I don’t really worry about my sensor that much, I have them cleaned when I feel the need to be cleaned. I… Read more »
Rhett A

I take a USB with me on travel and backup while traveling. 🙂

TheFreedomFreak - Sendepause

The pixel peeping one speaks to me on a spiritual level. If an image doesn't meet my ridiculous standards for sharpness on a 27 inch monitor, I deem it unworthy of occupying disk space, even if it, by no means, deserves such treatment from an objective point of view.

Søren Melchior
Watching your video ... both your #8, and #7 I can give you a tip on how to fix both of those issues. Slow down... compose the image before you shoot your image. This means checking your corners. I come from the film era, and if you have ever shot with a film view camera you develop some habits before you snap the shutter. And that's really examining your image before you take the shot. You always check your edges, the balance of the composition, and recheck your exposure before taking the shot. With digital camera's we often get a… Read more »
Ronald Rocheleau

Thanks Mark I have done some of these myself thanks for reminding me what I do! Great video Lol

Chris Edgecombe

Agree with your No. 1; I was on a workshop at the weekend and felt completely over whelmed with all the subjects available and I found it difficult to find compositions that worked. I ended up buying a 'view catcher' which the photographer recommended to try and help me search for compositions without the need to get my camera out and to help break larger subjects down into smaller interesting compositions. Thanks for the video.

To solve the lens issue I use a 18-300mm VR Nikon lens with my D300 on most shoots. I get the best of a 3 lens range and don't have the dreaded worry about exposing a sensor to the elements. I only worry about pixilation if I am going for a larger format print as in a poster but I will be shooting RAW mode anyway. I am also slightly anal about chimping and even take it to the extreme of having my laptop with me and downloading the image for a better view before I pack up. Yep the… Read more »
Nev Van Clarke

Loved your comments on pixel peeping ...bloody hell stop it people ...


Good list. My worst is sleeping in, definitely sleeping in. I procrastinate to the point of missing the best of everything by about 5 minutes. At least I'm consistent...
Edit: I did manage to cure myself of one bad habit. On winter hikes I've made it a rule that I can't take any pictures in the first 20 minutes of hiking...it's surprising how long a tripod can retain heat even at -30, and more than once I've ended up hauling around a tripod frozen shut from just a bit of melted snow.

Nev Van Clarke

Lol I thought this was about landscapes lol 😂

Birgit Smetana

Love your T-shirt ... and great video too 🙂


my worst habit is being too lazy to go out and take landscapes.

Nice video. Not spending enough time on a spot is perhaps my worst habit (because there are so many others...). I only partially agree with #9 (quick edit). As perhaps everybody I am exited to see the pictures when I come home. What I now do is to make a "virtual copy" when doing the first edit. So I can try out several edits (and synchronize them if some are good). My tip: Shoot film from time to time! It always improves my digital photography. Another one (very cheap one): Make a pencil sketch on location. You will sooner find… Read more »

Your clock on the wall takes its time 🙂 not moving in 15 minutes 🙂

LSA Leon

Who app can I get for free?
I hav an Instagram where I take photos of Norwegian nature : nature.leon

Gord Roberts

Greetings. First time to your channel and found the list interesting. My belief is the most performance limiting word in any language is "try". Implicit in the word "try" is I am allowed to fail, or I've already decided to fail, or I have no intention of actually doing this but trying makes me feel better. Reword the list to substitute try or "working on" with never. I never expose my sensor (really not ever, not even once). Suddenly you don't have a list and can focus on photography. Thanks for sharing!

Buckhorn Cortez

You're young — you've got a lot of time to experiment. Get a view camera and shoot with it exclusively for at least a year. Most of your "worst habits" will disappear because you'll be forced to slow down and make every shot count. Also, you can't "pixel peep" and spend hours editing. You have to trust yourself that you done everything correctly every time you make an exposure.

Abu Sufian Mohammad Asib

Hi Mark! Congrats on 30K. The biggest thing about your videos is that everything is discussed clearly so that a reasonable person can understand and can engage himself/ herself in the comments discussion. Actually, many other helpful tips/ experiences come up in the conversations! Keep producing good works!

DML Channel
I'm entirely guilty of #8 (too many images captured). That's probably the hardest habit of your 9 Bad Habits to Break list, at least for me. "Lazy Lens Change" I finally figured out prior to seeing this, especially since I've added a Sony A7RIII to my bag.Thankfully, or luckily, I've never suffered from the "I'll wait for better weather" syndrome. I live in southeast valley of Phoenix ... and I wait for the summer monsoon season to come every year. When I see bad weather rolling in, I jump into my 4WD and head out to the Four Peaks area… Read more »

Inhale problems
Exhale solutions
and then take the shot!

Very good work!

Cheers from Greece!

Logan Fessler

Most of those habits would disappear if you switch to shooting film but others would come about...lol When shooting digitally use a 512 mb card it'll force you to slow down and think more about each shot — Break the spray and pray habit. My worst habit is taking the shot and thinking the lighting wont get any better...most of the time it doesn't but occasionally if I waited just 5 or 10 more minutes...always working on patience.

Beth Robson

My worst habit, #1 NOT playing/experimenting around enough with what my camera can and can not do. As a beginner/leaning into intermediate (At least I am off auto and on manual) but still having issues with the confidence to take crappy shots in the name of learning! #2 Not understanding and setting my own presets in LR. I seem to be doing slightly different settings for EVERY photo. Again consistency issues.


my worst habit is not being able to go out and shoot as often as I'd like.

Keith Newell

Carry a slide mount in your shirt pocket. Take it out hold close to your eye, horizontal or vertical, zoom works by close to eye, further from eye, it is permissible to tilt. How does the scene look? Good? Put slide mount back in pocket mount camera with looks good lens, frame, focus, shoot. Works nicely sometimes, even most times.

Dao Khiem

My worst habit is trying too hard to composite: It's good to know about rules of composition but I always try too hard to apply them in, and my photos turned out stiff and lifeless. Sometimes just free your mind, take it easy, and enjoy the process.

Andy Orr

Shoot large format. That will force you into breaking many of these habits right off the bat!


Shoot analog 35mm Film and ALL your 9 worst Habits are solved.
Will require,however,to actually taking Pictures.
good Luck 🙂