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Martin B.

Hi David! Great review and very understandable, even for me as not native english speaker ;-). However, I don't get the message at 3:25. You say noise performance is okay and on par with the gx80 — so far, so good. But in the following images the colors compared to the GX80 seem far more lively. Does that mean the GX80 performs less better in this regards? Or is this kind of palid color reproduction just typical for Pana?I ask, because as many i'm stucked in the decision between these two cameras :-). Thanks for your answer!

Allie Neureither

maybe you can help answer this question for me! I'm a recent college grad on a budget who wants to invest in a camera that can take quality pictures of people, toy photography stills, and decent video. I had my heart set on the a6000, but I am now also interested in this beauty! the salesman at best buy told me the lenses for the Olympus aren't readily available like they are for the Sony. but I'm not sure I'll be needing lots of lenses for what I want to do with the camera. any advice??

Mario Arias
David I ordered the em5ii camera as opposed to the em10 ii ,I have two Olympus omd pro lenses I bought super cheap ,as these are weather sealed I wanted a camera matching that feature also the better video.You mentioned the em5 ii seems too small with all the controls .One thing I've noticed from using film slrs I always use two hands one under the lens to cradle the combination which enables me to have more dexterity with the right hand for small buttons and controls.Do you use mostly one hand with your 4/3 cameras? Thanks again for another… Read more »
John Hitt

I just ordered one of these for my assistant as a bonus for her hard work.   She and I share a fine stable of Olympus and Panasonic lenses and they will be compatible since I bought her the adapter and the new grip.   I know she will be so happy.   She's a small girl using and E3 and an E5.   This will be perfect for her.

Vincent Pihlblad

Seems to be a great camera if you don't care to much about the video part, although that appears to be workable too.
Otherwise I guess that the Panasonics are pretty much perfect compromises between stills and video cameras.

F.E. Style

im about to attend university in UK soon and Im planning on saving money and working during this summer. I hope I could buy this as my first camera and use it throughout my studies.

martina camilleri

First time buying a camera ... oreviously been borrowing the canon 600D ... Trying to decide between this or the Nikon D5600 ... any help?

Adam Benko

This or A6000 or Fujifilm T-X10? for stills.


Mr. Thorpe, I'm a student interested in getting my first real camera (beyond a smartphone). I like taking pictures of cars, landscapes, animals, cities, and art. Would you still recommend this camera in mid-2017? Thank you.

danny _r27

been thinking of buying one of these over the new Mrk III because it'll just be a camera I can have with me all the time compared to my DSRL. I'll get a Kamlan 50mm f/1.1 full manual and aperture prime lens


Hi David, which camera (E-M 10 Mark 2 or E-M 5 mark 2 ) would you recommend for beginner like me? I am torn between these two as E-M 5 mark 2 seem to produce better images while i love the size and price of E-M10 mark 2.


Re: people who don't drink. This joke is currently on loan from the Dean Martin collection.


I finally got an m10 mkii. . I always gravitated towards this in camera shops, it feels so much like my old beloved minolta x-700. . I have a lumix 14-42 fitted, lovely bright viewfinder,
I like the way it goes on standby. . And a half press on shutter readies it . . Lots to try on the menu but thats what its all about,
Love the proper clonk it makes when pic taken ❤

Mark Leonard Kaneko

Thanks for the review. It's really helpful. Your standard settings are pretty much exactly what I have a camera set to. I'm looking at moving from an old D90 kitswhich I have largely stopped using because it's just to big to carry anywhere and I'm thinking this might be the camera I switch to. Have you tried the mkiii at all? I hear there isn't much difference bar 4K video and the metal body has been replaced with plastic which doesn't appeal as much to me.


What would you recomand between the olympus E-M10 Mark 2 and the Panasonic GX80 with a 14-140 or equevalent ?

And thank you for your amaaizing review !

Ordinosaurs & retro computers
Great review as usual. I have an original 10 which was a very nice little camera with about the same sensor and processor, so I wasn't really in a hurry to change it, or so I thought, but I had an opportunity to buy a mk II for a fair price and I picked it up yesterday purely on an economic basis (I'm now trying to sell the original 10 while it's still worth something, and the mk II isn't lagging so far behind the III that I hope it will keep its own value for a little while longer,… Read more »
Ma'ruf Zohidov

I love your reviews and love my camera. I bought this as a beginner and learned a lot about photography. Other more complicated and expensive cameras are appealing me but I guess just buying better lenses makes more sense for now.

Michael Bruchas

Add the accessory grip for a better group….I own 2 bodies...

Wolfgang Lonien
Thanks David. I'm a subscriber to both your blog and your channel here. My first gen E-M10 died 8 days ago, and I was thinking about a replacement. But Olympus will repair mine for one third the price of this one, so that is what I chose. Yes, they are that good — I would miss the little thing. Oh, and that was the first ever which failed, none of our other E-520, E-PL1, E-PL5, and E-M5 Mk2 did. Thanks for your good reviews and articles, they're really appreciated!Edit: I have to update this. Olympus couldn't get a part they needed,… Read more »

Just ordered an E-M10 after years with my trusty E-PL5 — in particular looking forward to the 5-axis stabilisation and options like 'live compositing' (i.e. a camera that lets me keep the shutter open!) As usual your review was excellent, and this time instrumental in my decision, thanks!


Love your reviews David... A friend of mine picked up one of these awhile back after trying my E-M5 mkII, and has only shot about 50 pictures with it. She said she thinks its going to waste just sitting in her bag in her closet and asked me to sell it for her. I think I'll pic up the body for a great price and pair it with my 14-42 EZ lens and make it my carry around kit...