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E Miff

Hi David. One of the photos in this excellent video has text saying 'Single AF tapping the screen to focus'. I cannot find this option on my Lumix GX80, I have found the 'Tap to focus and shutter release' though. Do you have any advice please.

Anton Renfors

Been wanting to get into photography for a while, but never liked the huge, bulky cameras. Found a deal for the GX80 /w the kit lens new for about $400, and couldn't stop myself from ordering it. Might get the M. Zuiko 25mm/1.8 for low light photos at a later date, but for now I feel it should be a nice enough step up from my phone for learning. Thanks for the review!

Share DJ Experience

Thanks for your review on this camera. I’m a Mobile DJ and have been searching for a better quality camera to help me capture and video during my gigs. I do a lot of video during my gigs using my phone. But the quality don’t help. So please advice me what camera I can get under £400 to help me with better quality.



Thanks for the review. Would you recommend a GX80/85 over the Fujifilm X-M1? Motorcycle travel photography (landscape/street/scenery, not action)

Matteo Baldissin

Hi, what's the difference between gx80 and gx80k?


So taken low light shooting this would do but maybe a better lens


Excellent video as always. Are these lenses included with the camera good enough. What other lense would you recommend for street portrait and landscape use? Which for 4k video ?

John Enojardo

Awesome review David. Love your voice 🙂


Hi there again. At 11.59 what are those red button like thing that are hanging on the side of the cameras?

Toxic Tabasco

Excellent review of a great budget mirrorless camera. It's my go to one hand camera for video and photo.

Gabriela Lamberti

I'm thinking if getting this camera in 2019.
Can you do a comparison with the GX9?

lei yo 2

this is going to sound dumb but I just learnt about the GX80...I have the G85. Love it for videos. Is the GX80 more for photos, would you say?

Bill Booz

Thanks, David. Always enjoy your reviews. Just bought the now 2-year old GX85 (US) and your review was helpful in pointing out features I need to pay attention to!

Mike Naughton

An excellent informative review. Thank you!

LFC markeb

I have the gx80 and it serves me well. noticed a black mark on images taken@ 4×3 when comes in from standard lately, unsure if sensor is damaged hmm. probably too expensive to repair sadly 😣, doesn't show on 3×2 or 16×9 only on 4×3 and 1×1

Geert Mørk

What a great video. Love your story-telling style 🙂

jonathan linsley

anyone know how to change the iso manually on this camera? can't believe i can't find it, I've tried all of the obvious settings and buttons...

David Dechamps

Bonjour David. Thanks for your great reviews. I'm considering an upgrade of my OMD EM-10 mk1 while keeping my Oly lenses (17mm and 45mm). My goal is to do some basic videos while hiking (hand held), on top of stills. Would you do for an EM-10 mk2 or a Pana GX 80? Thanks for your advice!