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WVU Mountaineers
Thank you for your kind reply. I am currently going back and forth between the Lumix G8 and Pen F. I thought I had made up my mind on the Pen until reading your comparison. In looking at your photo examples I prefer the cooler images from the Pen, however the lack of weather sealing causes pause. Then I look at the button interaction problem you discuss with the Lumix and I'm back and forth. I'm going from an A-7 system with associated glass to something more compact like 4/3s. I love the Leica color and find the Oly color… Read more »

Post an extra video just with the moving cat and it will be a hit... 😉

Kenny75 Photography

Great review, David. I also agree with you re the handling of the em5 mk ii as I was never very keen on it and much prefer the em1 for its handling.

One thing I did find with the em1's electronic shutter is that I found it tends to under expose pictures after I take them. I don't know if you knew why that might be?


Nice review with some useful tips that others reviews lacked. I beg of you though; please stop using the fade effect between pictures!

Matthew White

Ibis is a gift to those who shake! I love my 5-2 for the same reasons you do... I seem to have over come most of your issues with the dials and buttons through repetition... although I still erantly push the arrow pad getting the wrong screen, and the menu system imo is so so much easier than my first modern am the sony A6000, equally loved but now unused with a labyrinth of nonsensical screens leading me into pits of despair!

Alex Jobe

excellent. many sources for technical information, so I thank you for talking about the actual experience

Jan Garcia
Hi David great review as always! I have an OMD em10 Mark 1 and the Panasonic G7 do you think it's worth selling d em10 Mark 1 in favor of second hand em5 Mark II? what do you think about the high-res shot mode for landscapes? I shoot a lot of landscapes. It is one of the things I like the most. The better stabilization and electronic shutter might also come handy and if video is really improved (on my M10 mark one it was completely useless, even my 4 year old phone had better video quality) it will be… Read more »
GoBro misc

Hi david. I'm about to get my em5 mark 2. Switching over from canon eos 60D. I'm really excited to switch to a mirrorless and em5 seems promising. But i have a few questions bout the lenses. Which lens you'd recommend for landscaping? And which lens is affordable for daily/street photography? Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi David, Your vid is excellent (par usual). I have been researching this camera for over 2 months, am excited by features & am all but ready to buy but there is a serious limitation & I'm desperate to hear a solution! Here in N.America (& worldwide?) Oly has discontinued the AC-3 power adapter. It is nowhere to be found (plus it necessitates purchase of HLD-8 for the DC input, close to half the price of the camera! & I have no need for the grip or extra battery features). I am stumped, & dismayed that Oly continues to sell… Read more »
WVU Mountaineers

I truly enjoy your detailed reviews and most especially your addition of hand placement/effect on the camera and potentially resulting changes in camera settings during shooting. I own a Leica typ 109, which I truly enjoy as a carry-around, however I am constantly hitting and changing the WB button during use, to the point of frustration. Thanks for your review depth.

Lee Wardle
Another great Review David, im not sure ive found any others quite so clear and to the point , But 4 or so years on this camera is still holding a strong price on the Used market , on par. with the 10 mkiii and even the Panasonic G7 is in a similar price bracket maybe slightly less, my question if you would be so kind given your MFT knowledge , out of these what would you recommendation be , and, probably at this stage may not be able to stretch to the 12-40, and may need a stop gap… Read more »
WVU Mountaineers

Sorry, My info at comment next under is also why I spun off to look at the E M5 2.

WVU Mountaineers

Thanks David, great advice. I'll let you know which way I go. Have a great day.

Prabhakar Rao

David Thorpe — thank you once again for a superb unbiased review. You’re by far the most pleasant, practical and intelligent reviewer on YouTube by a long country mile!


This is a very nice review! In your opinion, which camera would be better overall, this or the em10 iii or the lumix g85? 🙂

damion wing
Hello Dave , I realise this is a older video but I like to watch your videos because well firstly your Brit like me and you tell the truth , I am an Olympus user but totally amature so I was just wondering would you use the mft system for pro work such as prints for sale or wedding (if you ever do them ) or would you be more comfortable using a dslr system for that ? Love the videos and enjoy your take on things . A bit of in on me I use an em1.1 and a… Read more »
John Biggins

Thanks for the review — very useful. Must say, I don't have any problem with the controls.