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Roberto Maldonado

At 4:30 I saw movement and heard sound...

Charlene Campbell

Thank you for making this video greatly appreciate it...


You can just click „ok“ to switch modes on a5000/5100

Joe Bean

I have an A6000 and it's a great camera but I didn't realize the noise that manual zooming makes in the video track. It's kind of disappointing ... I wonder if it's just my camera or if they all have noisy zoom issues? Good videos, thanks.

Ryan Mather

crapola! I just ordered the A6000 only because I thought It had the flip up screen like the 5100. Guess I will return it and go with the Canon T6i! Doh!

Lohith Rao

Does the kit lens serves the purpose or 55-210 is recomended?

Helen Forsén

I want a6000 but with the flip-screen from a5100... :/

William Tolbirt

The a5100 is also a perfect drone camera.

Charlene B

personally, I don't find the flip screen on the a5100 useful cause I don't take selfies. I sometimes take overhead shots so the a6000 is more useful to me... Also, I would prefer the viewfinder over the flip screen anytime... my sister has the a5100 because she always take selfies, and don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against people who takes selfies. People just have different interests 🙂 I'm just more interested in taking pictures of landscapes and animals... and also food ☺️ so the screen on a6000 actually makes me happy

Uanderson Brittes

overheating is something only related to videos. is that right?

Alain Delon

How many cameras he has, must be he is great photographer!

J.R. Regenold

a5100 is great on gimbal. You can go to a selfie without changing the balance. When you flip up the screen it stays in the same plane as when it's in the normal position.
I bought my a5100 to live on my gimbal.


Most EXCELLENT review of these three Sony's. -Thank You!

jake smith

All of them overheat like crazy. Big design flaw.


wtf man xD at 0:23 i thought my monitor or graphicscard is dying xD

John Wayne

What are the options missing from the lower end models (except the profiles)?

Fund Channel

I want upgrade from iphone 7+ to A6000...

The TexPat in Saigon

I started my YouTube channel with an a5100. Its lives on a gimbal now with its kit lens. I bought nother a5100 recently to help when I shoot interview style stuff. Two matching cameras are great for that. I seldom use a viewfinder, but do use the remote feature a lot.
Nice comparison.

a Middle Aged Guy

Thank you for the comprehensive review. I think I'm going to go for the intro a5100... Due to budget, skill level... I also like the slim form factor of the a5100... I will upgrade after that... cheers alan

Albert Einstein

The a6300 has one big advantage over the a6000 you did not mention: While at low ISO the noise of both sensors are comparible, the a6300 has a severe advantage at higher ISOs. At ISO 400 and above the a6300 even beats its fullframe brother a7 and a7II!

This data can be found here: http://www.photonstophotos.net/Charts/RN_ADU.htm

Dead Blast

How much is the battery life you getting averagely ? i'm travel photographer so can not carry too much batteries with me. Can you please tell me the battery life you getting on one battery please ?

The TexPat in Saigon

An a5100 is a superb gimbal camera. You don't need the viewfinder anyway, and the new remote app on the camera and for smartphone is great for monitoring the camera on a gimbal or tripod. I have 2 of these and use them more than my a6300. I only paid 500 for the pair of a5100's ... in like new condition.

anurag katara

Can you change this place, go out have some fresh air bro 😛

Frank Vazquez

Thanks, that helped me make a decision.

Abhinandan Kheria

Make a comparison video on sony a5100 image and nikon d3500 image.

Alan Hope

Odd about the lens play on the body of the a6000 when you twist it, I've just tried it on mine and the lens won't budge a millimeter ... solid! Maybe something needing tightened up in your a6000 body. Love the size and weight of the a6000 ... wouldn't want the a6300.


Que susto pense que se habia dañado la pantalla de mi cel:0


a5100 is good to start with if you don’t know much about photography

Alex Curioso

It´s incredible you did not mention 6300 is the only with mic jack. That´s a HUGE issue for video.