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Mher Hakobyan Cinematography

what are you doing to pair transmitter and receiver?

zhozef esmaeilian

how to have three of that with different Chanel ?

Ilhamd Pro

how much video delay?already tested video latency?


so if you film in 4k the screen goes black with sony cams? when conected to a hdmi out display

sherif wassef

جهاز مناسب لمراقبة المخرج للكاميرات بدلا عن استخدام الكابلات. يعمل في مدي 100 متر بدون عوائق. يعمل لمدة خمس ساعات علي بطارية 570. به تاخير 50 ميلي ثانية.


How far inside the building did you go before signal loss?

Kwesi Appiah

Please where can i buy this product, i am in Ghana (Africa)

My Creative Videos

Antennas are attached wrong
Image transmission works 210 mts LOS

Алексей Иванов

I'm wondering how far the smartphone" catches the signal, new cameras? because hdmi video for old cameras. where there is no wifi!

I think that this technology was relevant for shooting video about 8 years ago, and today you can use it for various purposes, for a TV or multimedia player

Robert Ruffo

½ second would be insane, but the actual 210 ms is WAY too much lag — useless for pulling focus or any kind of second operator. I'll pass

Jefferson Pichinte

Teradek is the best wireless video company.

Leo douglas

Muito bom, como faço pra adquirir o produto?

Leo douglas

Good night Does it connect to a gopro being mini HDMI? or an HDMI capture card?