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Benjamin Drury Thompson

I know this is not the appropriate comment section but I figure you will check the comments before your old videos. I would be interested in your opinions on the Searl Effect and his machine that uses gyroscopic movement of permanent neodymium magnets. Alot of the material you cover on magnetic theory parallels the work they did, however the Searl Institute has been on its heels trying to give scientific proof of its mechanism of action and has lost momentum. Love the work Ken, stay safe and stay weird.

Michael Dougherty

No wonder Fuji gave you a hat. (Very nice by the way.) I have just as many Nikon bodies and Nikon hasn't given me squat. Even Tamron noticed that I have been buying their lenses lately and sent me some Chotchkies.


Got my X-t2 for 850$ Canadian...about 632$ US. Happy times!

Coni Glione

The problem with Fuji cameras, is that each one of the has an interesting nuance. Every Fuji has its own charm.
I don't think there are other companies with so many bodies in the line up.
Even older bodies have some interesting quirks. Even the dinky ones (I have a real sweet spot for the xf-10 or whatever, the poket one with the 18mm, what a stylish little camera).

Fujifilm is a nightmare for collectors, you can't help to want them all.

Bokeh Cat

The video is twerking. So much spent on camera gear, and still can't upgrade his video production and editing kit. lol...

tom ronollo
I ordered an xt30 body only on friday- as most Fuji dealers prefer to sell the xt30 with a kit lens. I have an old pentax 1 :1.4 k mount lens that i cleaned up, and only paid 40.00 from fee bay. I will apply the book techniques using the Platonic method — and experience what this camera can do. I figure this is a good way to test this out- and introduce myself to all the idiosyncrasies and benefits of the Fuji line. Have a good one.
Zeshawn Rahman

Hey Ken! I was wondering what you did to the X-T2 and got the logo and name blackened. Was it painted?

Allsports photography

Who can possibly down vote great vids like this? Just can’t understand this.

John Portillo

Sorry me again buddy, I asked what does a spherical magnets Taurus look like inside of its hollow... I have little knowledge but please watch my video in this or you hey gerlfren video loll. Check my next comment please


My lone Fujifilm digital camera is Ye Olde X30, which is what I use when The Picture is more important than The Equipment. (Ye Olde Nikon D7000 and D40 have been set aside in the interest of KISS photography, along with a Canon PowerShot G15.;) My "world traveler" college classmate favors his Fujfifilm X-E3 for all around use, along with a pile of old SLR lenses from Pentax to Canon to Nikon, etc.


Shhh Ken you are jacking up the prices in ebay 😆

David Sornberger Photography

Lol! Love that hot mess of cameras 🙂 Keep up the great work! If you're into photography, check out my channel?

Pepe Papi


Jack Frost

If I have that many cameras, I would connect them up to a single shutter release button so I could take matrix style portrait shots or panoramic shots of a busy street at a single point in time.

John Kochen

Fuji has always made excellent gear. No contest.

Michael McGowan

When do you predict the upgrade for the fujifilm x100f

Andrew Higgins

Your thoughts on the Fuji XE cameras? And maybe the X70? Just curious...

Deb B.
Love my X-T30 (I've owned both the X-T10 and X-T20 previously). I decided to purchase this over the X-T3 and take the $600 savings to purchase additional glass. I have begun using this small camera on a Manfrotto tripod (with a horizontal arm) to shoot flat lay arrangements. I shoot wirelessly using my ipad and the Fuji app ... I am able to compose my scene in real time, choose a focus point and take the pic. I'm using cheap wireless triggers to control a Nikon 80DX flash and it works like a dream. Sorry to ramble, but the whole… Read more »