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Anthony Porreca FPVRC

Making contact with those props would be one bad day.


You built it on the floor...

And you test flew it in the front yard...

Dave Lockwood

The only thing I can contribute is the knowledge that there is nothing I could tell @nurkfpv that would inform you of anything you don't already know.

Dave Lockwood

Nurk: Rachel, can you get hospital on speed dial?
Rachel: If you get that camera any closer to my face, I'll send you to the hospital myself!

Michael Petale

Will you ever join up with Zoe on an X-Build video? As I think with her knowledge on big quads would be essential to your progress? And your followers would love it! Counting me for one!..:) great vid bro very interesting these big birds?🤔🤔🤔🤗👌 but the price of them is quite steep!:) 😁😁😁😎

Dave Lockwood

Coincidence that UFO sightings in IN have skyrocketed recently?

Wild Bill

So the biggest problem with AirVue... no IOS app, therefore, no-watchy by me 🙁

Love what you’re doing though 👍 and love that AirVue are funding it 👍

Rick Flare

With current battery tech and electronics these things are stupid. The whole x class thing is a waste of money.

LordBong941's Everything and Anything Channel

Hell Yeah!!!


We wanted to do such a setup as well, but it's a bit too expensive for us.
It would be really great to film a car chase with it.

But with an HDMI bridge + follow focus is just too much

PS: Please don't call it DSLR. Call it DSLM (Digital Single Lens Monitor) or better just (cine) -cam- (era)


Awesome video and very cool drone. I see this one getting you many jobs in the future. And not too many out there have this kind of equipment and also the talent and guts to fly the way you do. Good luck and please, as much as I enjoy your rescue mission videos — don’t make one with this setup!
Greets, Mario
Ps: now film that video of the year train shot with that rig 😉

Fraser Steen

Absolutely no-one: You know what I don't like about miniquads, they are too safe and cheap
Nurk: hold my beer!


Dude that's gotta be the quickest and bestest colour-grading tutorial I have seen so far. I'm stunned.
Right there: a couple words, a couple seconds and seeing you sling the sliders is all it needed. xD
(For my purposes of course, I know there's more to it...)^^ BIG thanks! <3

Clouds View FPV

Could be good for fast car commercials or sports events. Boat, car, motorcycle, or any other racing events where an Inspire can’t keep up.


I'm sure that his neighbors would rather hear the hedge trimmers than that drone.🤣😂🤣😂

Henry Darr

Dude the insta360 footage looked sick and the fps was catching the props making them look sinister asf !

Rotor Chris

Great project!
Why are the props tilted though?
Seems like it would increase roll stability but decrease pitch stability?

FPV ersity

He explained the tilted motors in the beginning. Nurk I still have my 550 hex from the hybrid power project. With a carbon arm upgrade, big motorsesc's it could be a low cost platform if you ever need to do this low cost.