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Gibson Fender

A little too pointy for my taste, but man, that's a hella deal. Ibanez continues to do a great job bringing nice instruments to the masses for fair prices. Two thumbs up

Frits van Zanten

This is one of the few Ibani you can pronounce the name of by heart.

Frits van Zanten

Meranti to me sounds Asian, Malaysian.


I have an Ibanez AZ and even it's trem won't stay in tune lol


Ugly guitar. Would prefer just a solid color. Like the specs.

adam hajrula

Just picked one up for my friend. It is a great deal. If it has the dimarzio's. I haven't fiend that far in the vid but it looks like the same guitar. Unfortunately the sales guys liked it to and tweaked the neck out of control. Almost thought I'd break it relieving the neck (I did the set up.) but in the end it worked out fine. Also seems they had a log pot in the volume which my buddy wants changed to linear. Imo it should be. Maybe they installed the pots backwards on this particular one.


Sounds great through the or15 but then so does everything 😍

Chris Nagy

Hi, and thanks for your video which was a very summery and fun one. I don't know if it was the guitar, the amps, or your playing but it generally sounded great. I didn't like the sound of the Orange and the Revv with this guitar. I think all the other amps sounded superb. Not a metal shredder guitar to me, more like a nice overdrive with balance. I liked it. That's what about 800 bucks in the US, definitely worth it.

Ronnie Parfait

Very nice, would be so much nicer with a darker wood neck, guess it could be stained.

DCT Master

Ibanez branded floyd rose guitars in that price range stay really good in tune, I'd say try to get a few!

Umberto Y Lost Trio Paranoias

Demon-etizing challenge, to boldly go beyond the "stars" where no man has gone before.
I believe all Ibanez models make you happy, no holds barred!


I love this guitar so much that I own two lol. And the camera is definitely undermining how beautiful is that blue.

John Stitt

Ah!..Henning. I see you found my blue guitar. Please return it. I need your boots, your clothes, and your motor...I mean my guitar.

Esben Solgaard

Henning showing us his latest italian shred machine.

David Faure

i really want your shirt, where do I get that from ? The guitar sounds absolutely sweet but hey, you're like, you, and you have this great playing and great gear so yeah 🙂 i definitely wanna check out a neck through ibby thanks to your demo... even though i know i'll have to put in some vintage pickups in there because i'm basically crazy and stuff.


Beautiful guitar! I have just discovered your channel and a big thanks to Steve from Boston for that I think. Lots to watch so... oh...Love your South Boston accent! Later...


At least the guitar comes with half decent pickups for the price

michael gallegos

Great demo best I have seen so far ,so cool the play through different awesome amps thanks bud.


Ibanez still has not learned to put the strap button an the back instead of the tip

fishy paw

Good review, and yea, they really need to work on giving their guitars better names.

michael gallegos

I have had this guitar for 2 years love it mine is mahagony ,and has rosewood finger board before cites thing got really full blown.


I got an RGRT 421 on the cheap. Also a string thru, but has a reverse headstock. The nut is plastic I believe on you RGAT, so throw a graphtech nut on and some locking tuners and this guitar should serve anyone well for years.


I picked one up at a store and the setup was near unplayable. It probably had been sitting on that shelf for ages tho, which is a shame because I never really got to properly try it

Solar Federation

quite 80s sounding guitar. not my cup of tea but definitely some folks will love it.

Stephen Lowery

14:35 "hmmmm can I play Smoke on the Water without it getting copy wright claimed?" hahahaha. Also I have this guitar in black and I love it.

Trumpty Dumpty

You're mic is see distorting on the cab.

Ike Stoddard

Wow! Better than Epiphone?! Neck through!


I bought this about 5 months ago for 500 blemished but new. I couldn't find the blemish and it's great. I only wish it had a reverse headstock.


I hate how Ibanez doesn't keep producing the same guitars like Gibson and Fender do. I fell in love with a couple of Ibanez guitars that are now extinct. I don't like the new Ibanez shape and hardware style.

Russ Wilson

I like to hear dudes playing half remembered riffs. It reminds me of all the shit I can hardly play.

bob simons

how does the HB Fusion-II stack up against this?

Andy Mellor

This is going back to guitars made by Matsumoku for Aria etc in the late 70's / early 80's with the 5 piece thru neck, string thru, wing body design. Cool to have modern hardware on what I thought was an underappreciated design.

Teemu Saarenketo

I also own this, otherwise the same but my guitar has black colour. Bought mine last december and it has been a really good friend of my amps (Fender bassbreaker 007, Marshall origin 20 and also mooer preamp live) I would say this giutar can do really alot of stuff so very versatile


the only thing i would do to this guitar is stain the fretboard,its to bright

KidsOnALeash OnABoat

Dare I say there’s better for the money. If you want an Ibby get a mint Genesis for around the same price (at least in the U.S.).


Dude yeah i got this guitar in winter and its really good for the price and im sad that pretty much nobody has reviewed it but here you are reviewing it

Thomas Bogart

pls do a review of the "Keith Merrow Km7- and Km6- MK-3 Standard" would be great to see your thoughts on these one. much love

Rock Heiland

That guitar is a fucking beast. I tried almost every guitar in the thomann show room and thus Ibanez blew em all out of the water. When played with a lot of gain makes your amp explode, it's so great. Really open sounding with a lot of bite.

León Julca

I've had this exact guitar for about a year now and have had a lot of trouble with fret buzz. No matter who I ask to adjust the action of the guitar, the 17th and 14th frets on the high e string still buzz and the people who try to fix it don't know why. When I first got the guitar, everything worked perfectly. If you know any professionals in the Boston area or in California that could fix my guitar for me I would greatly appreciate a response.

tank darla

My eyesight is horrible. Took me a while to get use to both the side dots and the neck dots on mine. Love it though.


Thumbs down for the spider. No one wants to see that except homicidal maniacs.