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Troma Kid

great review of the range. thanks it has been very beneficial for me because you covered the products in depth. 10/10 from your 1000 sub!


2019-3-5 首次阅览


Mark Lynch

I agree, the Clutch just never worked for me. Good video.

Ernie Fay

Thanks for the great video. I ordered the black leash for my d5300.


2019-2-12 首次阅览

Cyvir Ace Ramirez

my slide lite grippy material melted 🙁

Catalin Enache

Nice and very useful review! I was looking for sling/shoulder straps and found these products and your video!
 I just wonder if they have something to attach to a backpack?

Himawan Anindyo

Thanks man, you really helped me with your detail review. Really appreciated...

Demetrius Olivieri

The Slide has a metal adjustment buckle!!..Metal!!..Swinging around your screen and your lens, a piece (2 pieces)...of METAL! lol...they need to fix this!

Effy Sh

Wonder what will be the best strap for sony a6500 +18-105 ?

Nick Google

To simulate the sling style feature you like with the Leash V1, see for an idea how to get a similiar option with V2: https://youtu.be/fhmVyj6rp8A?t=51

Great video / overview BTW! 🙂

Mark Dabu

Discount code did not work, but still ordered.

Chris Baker Photography

You did not mention that with the new design of the clip at 6:45 that the anchor point does not have to be pushed with your thumb into the clip anymore. All you need to do is align the anchor with the clip an pull and it then slides into place. This was fiddly before on the old design.

Jon Malmqvist

Great review! Just ordered a Slide for use with a Nikon D800 & D500, both with battery grips and with 70-200 2.8 and 300 lenses. Should be comfy and secure. Kippis! 🙂


Thanks for slide light review, I thought I was doing something wrong with releasing my Fuji X-T2.


great work ! tror på Slide mest bekväm


What bag do you use to accomodate Sony 100-400GM? Attached to camera or detached?

Phu Tran V. [2]

detail review <3 thank you, your video really helps me alot!

RR films

Getting one because of your video mate. Thanks!

Martti Suomivuori

Clutch is great. Had a SpiderHolster before. Clutch is more elegant.

Thank you for this video. I own the Leash and the Slide. I use the Slide for the DSLR (Canon T7i) and the leash for my Fuji X100F. They are perfect for the respective cameras. Of course the T7i will potentially have larger lenses but the Fuji X100F with both add-on lenses performs well with the leash without problems. I appreciated your display of both smooth and grip sides as this is not really explained by the manufacturer. One might assume the slide is backwards but when considering the occasional need to quick draw the cam the smooth side makes… Read more »
Guido N

I sooooo agree with you on the old leash. I wish Peak Design would still make them with the old material AND the old features. I still have one, but it's one of the things that drives me nuts these days: everybody tries to improve and often enough it loses the original charm. Plus magnets are a total no go for me since I don't want to magnetize my older mechanical watches ...

Marguerite Witter

Can someone tell me what he had attached to his belt that allowed him to anchor the camera there at this waist...I don't like my cameras on long straps because when you walk they bounce around too much...but the leash with the gadget at his waist seems to solve that problem...


Thank you for this detailed PD vid. I just bought a Nikon Z6 and find it too heavy for a walk around camera and therefore do not want a neck strap of any kind. A combination of a sling bag and the Peak Design Cuff may be just the ticket. Your honest view of the clutch was very helpful.

m j

Great review about the hand clutch. You influenced my purchase (I won't get one). Thanks!

Anatoly Ivanov

There's a lot of these quick release straps on aliexpress for about $5. Maybe they got idea from Peak.

Keith Soderlund

Over priced, ugly looks like seat belts . Lack of different styles. Wouldn't put it on my dog. Great review though.

Manuel Reichel

Thank you for the video!
At the moment I use a slide lite with my A7III, 55mm Zeiss, 17-40 Canon, 24-105 Canon and 70-200 Sony f4.
I have the same problem with inflexible material.
Do you think I should test the leash? Or is the leash to small for my equipment?

Poo Music

Does the (old) Leash feel comfortable at the neck and shoulder? It seems to be sharp at the edges and could scratch at the neck when wearing a couple of hours?

Drake Leroy

I bought a clutch. I wont be using it. I wont be buying other PD connectors so I can keep using my canon strap that is a pain to take off the camera so I can use the clutch. I have wasted a lot more money on bad software, so I'm not crying about my wasted $40 for the clutch. To be really useful, I'd need the bottom plate for manfrotto tripods. Not interested in buying that either. Thanks for the video


Was leash comfortable with all day walking I use a small dslr nikon d3400? I won't buy the anchor belt thingy. Please let me know your thoughts. Choosing between slide lite and leash.


Thanks for the review. I just got the everyday messenger bag and was looking at the accessories. This vid answered big chunk of questions I had. Thanks again!