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JG Entertainment Company LLC

how does AUDIO work? Can you use as a baby Monitor? Will you hear audio in the live stream? thanks

William Arenas

Great video but the question is, how many cameras can you use for a single base station? You didn't mention how many cameras you connected to it. Thank you.

I've had the system since July, I bought the set of 5. So I have 3 mounted outside, 2 mounted inside. I've found the ones mounted outside tend to eat up batteries 50% faster, combination of 90F days for several weeks and more motion. I will say the image is extremely clear, the ability to download to phone in the event you need to share with police, and 7 days of cloud storage for people like me that travel. My cameras caught a neighborhood thief last week, she was going door to door looking under mats for keys, taking packages,… Read more »
Gio Angeles

What if there's a storm or strong wind? How much a month?


What the weather problem? We got apps for that in Australia, get emails, tweets & SMS for any storms coming

Valmy S. Karemera

Hey Brad, your thoughts on the nest cam vs Arlo?


My batteries die within 6 weeks on my Arlo cameras 🙁 I wish I had the new cameras with rechargeable batteries.

Dean Johnson
I am thinking about getting this camera system and was wondering how you keep cameras from eating so much battery power? I was wanting to put one camera on my back patio area and another one in my front doorway entrance under a covered porch, but my question is , do you only activate the cameras when you leave the house or do you keep them activated all the time even when your at home in order to save battery power? I don't want to keep changing batteries every couple of months. Never had a camera security system before and… Read more »
Joseph R Hewitt

Hey Brad. Great video. Quick question. What are you using to just video you? Great camera quality. Pastor Hewitt

Kevin Lampton

The thief can wear a mask or hoodie to cover his face while he takes his new camera home.

Alex Chipman

Does it allow you to receive a live stream from the cameras?

Kristina Willhelm

Can you talk in it to somebody else in the home can hear me while I am away?

James Chapman

ring stick up cams r great no wires at all and if there stolen ring will send u free ones. battery last 6 months. I have one plus ring doorbell. love them

Eric Beckett
If you want  Constant monitoring of a particular area with constant movement. Every time the camera records it uses more battery powerI have had my camera in my car for 2 days and the batteries went flat If you want  Facial or number plate recognition. Over 4 meters and your picture starts to pixelate. All you get is blurred images.This on the highest quality setting. If you want distanceThe claim of150 meters is misleading. I put the camera at 50 meters away in direct line from the router. At 50 meters I got a good signal but over 2 days I… Read more »
yonik lee

Power Adapter for Continuously Charging Original Arlo

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The Godfather marlon brondo

this product is just wasting money 💰 I returned back stay away every 4 days you need to change the batteries garbage 😡


I saw an Arlo killer on Kickstarter called Solar Cam. Not only did it have power by hybrid solar+batt res., it also can wake up within 0.5 seconds. this is what killed my Arlo, always recording after something happened! (that and changing batteries every 2 weeks on the one that got "too much" action)

Eric Beckett

no real time viewing due to time lag    keeps logging off  no 24/7 operation   camera slow to reset waste of money


Worst invention someone can disconnect it and steal it

Jesus Reyed

can you used this with out the system only the camera

Δρυνκ Ανδροιδ

One tree was hurt in the making of this video.

Andy's Shop

Im sure you have figured this out by now, but those do not record audio. The arlo pro does that. Also, how strong are the magnets? If I was to not buy the outdoor mount would these blow down with a strong gust?

K2CJB Radio

Ive had the Arlo system for over a year. The cameras are NOT water proof. I had one constantly sending motion detection. Opened the camera, water came out. Also, the night vision filter fails giving a pink video image. And, they will constantly drop offline requiring a camera reset. The motion detection is not that good. Not a great system.

David Durnin

what is the range from the router to camera