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Nick Lewis

If you are having issues storing a typical 32oz Nalgene bottle I recommend getting a Liberty Bottle Works 32 oz. I've had one for years, it's skinner and hold the same amount. Plus it's recycled aluminum, so it will be stronger than the plastic from Nalgene

D. Gata

You are just a bunch of ridiculous, full of shit, self-centered people who are only for the look. None of these backpacks are the best or the most practical in the market, nor the best aesthetically.

Nordic Løve Photography & Videography

Does anyone know if there is an easy way to carry a tripod with the F Stop Dalston??

Dane Hale

I love Niles pack but I don't have the coin to drop 140 on that bag. But I did find it's cheap twin on Amazon for 13 bucks and it's a 40-50L pack: AFAITH 50L Hiking Daypack Packable Backpack, Waterproof & Lightweight Leisure Backpack for Outdoor, Camping, Travel-Blue Red https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072KCWBGQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_iMvpCb4G1ZKQ2

Kilian Hort

I like the f-stop alot but im living in Switzerland and It's really hard to get it.

All Bee

Entertaining video that was fun to watch. Not very useful though to me personally who am/was looking for a new one. Glad you guys had fun doing it though.

Nop Tangtrongsakdi

I love the design of PD. and the second is F-stop still hard to decide lol.

Jessica W

Where do you get the fun camera straps like the one in the first bag?

Timothy Linn
Nice vid. Just a PSA for anyone who finds the F-stop Gear Dalston pack appealing: It is a complete ripoff of the WANDRD PRVKE 21. However, the WANDRD PRVKE 21 is a much better-designed pack. MUCH better. (And I say that as the owner of two F-stop Mountain Series packs, the Loka and the Guru, that I truly love.) Do yourself a favor: Before you buy, check out the PRVKE 21 or 31. https://www.wandrd.com/products/prvke And no, I'm not sponsored by WANDRD but I did recently take my own two-year-old PRVKE 21 across India where it performed like a champ. 🙂

Caleb gotta chill on that coffee haha he’s about to take off like a MFin rocket

Victor Mau

Love the Peak Design! The best money can buy!

Kurt Donath

Yikes! These are pretty expensive bags, the cheapest being $149. Nice bags but out of my price range.

Hadrian Chio
Hadrian Chio1 second agoI had and still have the Peak Design backpack in the video and I have to say, it is on of the WORST backpack I have ever bought till now. It is so so uncomfortable with more weight and honestly, I had the exact same bag in the video, it looks pretty bad in real life.I bought the Wandrd Prvke 31 couple days ago and it is by far the best bag I have ever bought! The compartment for the gear is so much better and you can extend it to 35L thanks to the rolltop. It… Read more »
Kyla De la Cruz

2:33 it makes me anxious seeing her unpack all her equipment in public

Zee World

I recently bought this backpack and it's so spacious. Have a look...

April Hunt

Nice. Just found you guys. Thanks for making this. Have seen a billion bags and videos but non that summed it all up so well. Backpacks are the best thing ever for photography! Got one by accident at first and I can never go back to another style 😂

Eva PM

I love that red and blue one, but it won’t work for me. It doesn’t look like a camera bag


at 2:34 she reminded me of the lady making a tutorial for drink..."two shot vodka lady"

Dave Os

i was wondering, how hard was it to fit the 13 inch macbook inside the ona bag?

Julian Enlt

Im in a need of a new backpack scafe.shop/top-10-best-backpacks-2019/?21 Would you recommend any on the list?

Anjanu Sonkar

If thieves are watching this... they probably are laughing

Matthews outdoors

I have a question why do you carry computers when you can edit videos and photos on your phone?