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Bro 24mm is a joke. Gimme 18mm or less.
4k 10 mins. You've gotta be kidding me.
Canon...go home...you're drunk

NovoWorks Color Imaging

Nice... but think I'll stick with the M50 😀

Anish Anand

Hi Benji, what chordless microphone are you holding?


Just a note on the title * I’ve seen so many titles like this one before, I think it may draw more people in if you say *why this is the best canon vlogging camera


I use a G7 Mark II for my videos, wow it seriously is an easy camera to work with. Highly recommend!

Adelin Fizzelot

Hey guys, can you please help me with a problem I have?

Goddard Family Adventures

We didn't even open our after watching numerous videos with horrible autofocus. It got sent straight back. We will continue to use our Sony A6400. We wanted something smaller for restaurant vlogs where we didn't want to be so obvious. However we need to be in focus.


This is the best YouTube vlog camera guys trust me

Toni Gurieza JR

GoPro hero7 will give blogger everything he needs

Debra Matthews-wtp

Just checked Amazon. Yes it's a lot more. Of more importance, though, why is it getting bad reviews (three stars on a bunch of seller listings)?


This is how many times he Said cámara 📷





Us small YouTubers need to stick together comment on this comment and like this comment maybe even check out my or someone else’s channel!

Jack Miller

What genre of music do you use for your intro


Can you buy selfie sticks for the G7X Mark 3?

Lil rocfamily

I was thinking about getting the same camera but it it is to expensive